Staff Profile

Emmie Brown

Senior Partner

  • Senior Partner of Southwestern Consulting.
  • Elite-Level Coach and Consultant.
  • Always in the top 1% in personal sales production, even as a producing manager.
  • Personally recruited well over 100 salespeople and managed hundreds of salespeople as a District Sales Manager.
  • Trained and coached thousands of sales professionals across numerous industries as diverse as financial services and toilet paper sales.

Emmie Brown is an Elite-Level Coach and an expert in the Psychology of Scripting. Emmie started her career with The Southwestern Company as a student intern at the University of North Carolina.

She continued to work with Southwestern over the next 10 years as a top producing sales manager until joining Southwestern Consulting in 2009.

Emmie has spent the last 4 years traveling the country as a professional sales trainer, executive coach and business consultant with Southwestern Consulting and the Success Starts Now! conference Series.

She is also the author of the audio series Talk Less, Sell More and a breakout presenter at the Success Starts Now! sales training conference.

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