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Mistakes Leaders Make with Skip Prichard – Episode 230 of The Action Catalyst Podcast

Skip Prichard is President & CEO of OCLC, a global nonprofit computer library service and research organization. Its goals include furthering access to the world’s information and reducing library costs. He is also the author of The Book of Mistakes: 9 Secrets to Creating a Successful Future.

Most recently, Mr. Prichard served for five years as President & CEO of Ingram Content Group, a $1.5B+ global content provider. Mr. Prichard formed ICG by integrating multiple companies into a single company with unified strategy. During that time, he returned the company to a profitable position and oversaw significant growth in the past few years. Additionally, he expanded Ingram’s international locations to continental Europe and Australia, strengthened its digital offerings, and repositioned the company as a service provider.

With a career in digital transformations, Mr. Prichard’s views on the future of publishing have been featured in various media including the BBC, New York Times, CNN, NPR, Daily Beast, Harvard Business Review, Information Today, The Bookseller, Publishers Weekly, Library Journal and others. He is a frequent keynote speaker at conferences including Tools of Change, BookExpo America, PubWest, IBPA Publishing University, SIIA, Buying & Selling eContent & UKSG.

Prior to his appointment at ICG, Mr. Prichard was President & CEO of ProQuest I&L where he led a successful transformation, achieving double-digit growth and returning the company to profitability. Earlier in his career, Mr. Prichard held a number of executive positions with LexisNexis, where as VP of corporate markets he provided information solutions to global corporations.

More from Skip Prichard at or check out his book at

Show Highlights:

The most successful people have a sense of urgency. @SkipPrichard

You must prioritize your time. @SkipPrichard

The Book of Mistakes is written as a fable. @SkipPrichard

You remember stories 22 times more than facts. @SkipPrichard

How do I take success principles and put them in a story? @SkipPrichard

A huge mistake we makes is to Accept labels people put on us. @SkipPrichard

Don’t accept false labels. @SkipPrichard

Don’t allow your competition to label you. @SkipPrichard


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