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See why Gary Michels has been called one of the most exciting motivational speakers in the world today.

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Ignite Your Enthusiasm – Energize Your Attitude – Activate Your Passion – Create Peak Performance

Life is hard. It’s easy to get dragged down, beat down, and bogged down with the everyday monotony and minutiae it takes to keep up.

The road to personal happiness and professional success is littered with opportunities to become discouraged and disenfranchised with all the work required to create breakthroughs.

Which is why having a positive attitude and living with positive energy matters more today than ever before – and that’s where Gary Michels comes in. He will help you and your team to dig down deep and access the explosive potential of an attitude adjusted and a life re-energized.

Through a series of engaging stories and entertaining anecdotes Gary will equip your team with practical tools for increasing the energy and enthusiasm they live with each day.

Gary’s message will help you create more employee engagement, boost team morale, and maximize productivity and peak performance. If you are wanting a powerful pick-me-up, then it’s time to “Turn It Up A Notch.”

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Tim Haskins, St. Louis, MO

I know that Gary and the folks that work with him can teach anybody anything with passion and energy. They really care about others and have huge hearts. You will really enjoy working with them.

Gary Cruff, Ameriprise Financial Service

I have seen many speakers and Gary is definitely one of the best!

Tammy Schaeffer, San Diego, CA

There is no other person that can match you and what you teach when it comes to sales training and keynote speaking. You are an exceptional teacher, speaker, coach and mentor.

Beth L., San Jose, CA

You taught me so much in such a short period of time. You have truly helped me build a great foundation for a successful future.

Gregg J. Herning, Vice President Sales, Bellagio

Gary always brings relevant content and delivers his message with an upbeat and motivational style.  He has become a favorite among our team with his messages referenced frequently within our weekly operations.  Though MGM Resorts has extensive training content within the company, Gary’s expertise and vast experience with many of the nation’s top corporations bring a refreshing glimpse of life outside of our boundaries. 

Catherine Monson, Chief Executive Officer, FASTSIGNS

Our convention was a great success and a significant contributing factor to that success was our outstanding content of our general sessions, breakout sessions and round tables. You did an outstanding job and we really appreciate your contributions and participation. 

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Booking Gary is a simple 3 step process:

  • Schedule a Date:

    Work with one of our experienced program directors to check Gary’s calendar availability for the date of your upcoming event. We book Gary out years in advance so this important first step should be done as soon as possible!

  • Research and Customization:

    Gary and our team will work directly with you to learn about your organization’s needs and goals. We use a series of calls and forms to help gather information for Gary to use in customizing a talk that is specifically and uniquely tailored to your audience.

  • Gary Rocks The Room:

    Gary delivers a dynamic, inspiring, and hilarious keynote presentation to your audience that will be one of the highlights of your conference.

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Meet Gary Michels

Co-founder of Southwestern Consulting

With over 100 team members and over 8 figures in annual revenues, Southwestern Consulting is one of the fastest growing sales consultancies in the world today. Our mission is to help people achieve their goals in life and to elevate the practice and perception of sales. As the Co-founder of the company, all of Gary’s insights are backed by Southwestern Consulting’s frontline research and work with over 8,000 different teams in more than 40 countries.

#1 Producing Sales Practitioner

More than just a teacher of sales, Gary is a Top-Producing practitioner.  During his college tenure, Gary began successfully selling door-to-door for a well-known reference book distributor. Pushing himself relentlessly, he finished in the top 10 from more than 3,000 in the program and earned more than $100,000 in 3 short summers! Gary also spent 19 years as a sales representative for the largest school fundraising company in the world, and finished #1 in sales 9 of his last 10 years out of 350 representatives. Gary’s personal sales experience spans from retail sales to network marketing to real estate. Gary continues to also be one of the top personal producers at Southwestern Consulting.

Author and Radio Host

Gary is the author of the book Gettin’ In & Gettin’ Out: How to Get In Every Prospect’s Door and Get Out With a Sale and the host of a weekly radio talk show on the NBC Radio Network. Gary’s insights and articles are featured and shared regularly in media outlets throughout the country.

Popular Motivational Speaker and Trainer

To date, nearly, 1,000,000 people have been inspired to achieve their goals in life by hearing Gary speak. For 7 years, Gary was a main platform presenter for the nationally renowned travelling conference, Success Starts Now! Gary is a member of the National Speakers Association and has completed hundreds of hours of presentation skills education and training to become a Southwestern Certified Speaker. His client list includes speaking for industries such as: real estate, mortgage, banking, insurance, hospitality, automotive, professional sports teams and many more!

Founder and Teacher of Turn It Up a Notch Monthly Mastermind

Learn how to sell like the top 1% of successful salespeople with our sales training course specifically designed for those in the sales industry. This training includes proven strategies and tactics developed by Southwestern Consulting. This program is designed to give you the tools, skills, and mindset to be a Top Seller, Top Recruiter, and Top Leader in your company and to teach how to make more money than you ever dreamed possible.  And we’ll teach you how to do it without being a high-pressure salesman, but instead sell through mutual understanding and with an attitude of servitude. Click here to learn more.

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