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Developing leaders who are equipped with the necessary tools to maximize their people’s potential is a critical priority for every organization. Unfortunately, though there is a lack of qualified people with both the experience and education who can provide useful leadership training.

Emmie Brown can be your guide. She is a real life practitioner, sought after expert, and Southwestern Consulting certified speaker and trainer on leadership development. Her presentations share timeless and universal wisdom about the principles that make great leaders, managers, and personal producers. The insights she delivers in her trainings speak directly to what your leadership team needs to do to take your people to the next level.

Manage Systems to Lead People

Which do you think is better management or leadership? Most people would say leadership.

Yet what many leaders fail to realize is how crucial the managing of systems is to being able to lead people properly.

Too often in organizations the leader isn’t able to do their job effectively because they or the team is disorganized, distracted or disinterested in the key details that need to be kept up with to drive real leadership change.

The result is that team morale drops, productivity decreases, and team member turnover rises.

Emmie Brown can help you change all that with her signature program Manage Systems to Lead People. She shares with you the fundamental processes that the most effective leaders from around the globe use to help their people reach their peak potential.

In this empowering presentation you will learn:

  • The critical relationship between management and leadership and why you need to master both
  • Common misconceptions about management and why they are damaging your team’s performance
  • The psychology of top producers and how to get the most out of your people
  • How great leadership is as much about science and systems as it is about art and magic
  • 5 core systems that every leader must manage to help their people reach their full potential

If you can learn to Manage Systems to Lead People you will get to the root of driving your team’s real performance.

If you don’t, then you will continue addressing surface issues that don’t make sustainable change and likely end up operating in reactionary mode with constant questions and urgent fires.

SPECIAL NOTE: A modified version of this program is available that is customized for individuals who work specifically in sales management and sales leadership


Mark Onan, NASP

In 10 years I don’t think I’ve heard a better speaker. Emmie has the perfect blend of intelligence, friendliness, and persuasiveness. She is so engaging!

The People Business: How to Source, Select, and Retain Top Sales Talent

A properly staffed sales team can make your business unstoppable!

But finding the right salespeople can be incredibly frustrating. From having to sort through piles of resumes to try and delineate which ones are the real ones and which ones are the “pretenders,” to knowing how to interview someone to see if they truly have the type of persistence and dedication it takes to be successful, there’s a lot to consider.

But that’s not all, because once you hire them then you have to figure out how to train them properly, keep them motivated, and engage them so they don’t leave you and go to your competitor.

Emmie Brown can guide you through it all! She is, without a doubt, one of the world’s leading experts on recruiting and training top sales talent. In addition to writing and speaking on the subject, she has personally conducted thousands of interviews, recruited hundreds of sales professionals and lead multiple top-performing and award-winning sales teams.

This practical and actionable presentation will teach you:

  • Exactly what you have to do to attract the best sales talent on the market
  • A systematic interview process that will help you vet who is really the right fit for your team
  • What you should never say when interviewing salespeople
  • A 7 step process to making your new hires be successful quickly
  • The most common mistakes sales managers inadvertently make that destroy their culture and lead to turnover

Follow these proven strategies and principles and you’ll have an on-fire sales team in no time. Overlook them and you might find yourself on a never ending hamster wheel trying to find and develop talent.


David Consiglio, President, ISL

I was initially very skeptical of letting someone get “behind the curtain” of our family company. But Emmie took time to learn about our business before she put a proposal together on what SWC could do. The sales manuals and talk tracks they helped us to create have helped us get more customers and attract and onboard new hires. Even seasoned salespeople in our organization rave about Emmie! 

Seek First Selling: Why Listening is More Compelling Than Telling

Nothing is more thrilling than when you make a sale!

But nothing is more discouraging than when you spend a whole bunch of time going through a presentation only to find out at the very end that they aren’t going to buy.

It’s frustrating, disappointing, and even sometimes confusing. Losing sales that should’ve been made though is unfortunately all too common for the average salesperson. And without a meaningful change in strategy, it’s very normal to continue on in the same direction missing out on revenue and commissions.

Emmie Brown has developed a scientific solution-based selling model though that can help you start to close more business. A practitioning top producer herself and an experienced sales consultant, she will share with you the simple formula for preventing customer procrastination and rapidly increasing your closing percentages.

Eye-opening and inspiring, this program will show you:

  • The critical questions that uncover needs, create value, and help customers make decisions quicker
  • A repeatable mental checklist to follow whenever you are in the discovery stage
  • Why you keep hearing the same objections over and over again
  • The single biggest mistake salespeople make that costs them thousands
  • 5 important points that must be covered in advance before ever proceeding into your sales presentation

Salespeople who understand and follow the Seek First method enjoy their jobs more, have more peace, make more money and have better customer relationships. Those who don’t waste lots of time following up with people who aren’t interested and miss out on sales that should’ve been made. It’s time to change!


Melissa P, Sr Account Executive, Mountain West HC Tec 

Even though I had 12 years of experience across 5 industries, I had never actually received formal sales training and coaching. Emmie’s infectious energy and fresh perspective helped me increase my referrals, my call backs, and my own confidence! 

Time Management Secrets of Top Performers

A person who manages their time well is capable of just about anything. People who are efficient and organized with their time end up being the ones who get promoted, recognized, celebrated and highly paid.

But it’s harder than ever before in history to know how to use your time most effectively. Whether it’s social media, meetings, reports, projects, customer requests, or team requests there is an endless litany of distractions and also necessary and urgent deadlines constantly fighting for our attention.

Most professionals struggle with trying to answer the question, “how do you manage it all?” How do you know what to focus on first? How do you know which things should be done and which things you can really say no to?

And what about trying to have some work life balance? With so many demands at the office, how do I make margin for family and personal time?

Emmie Brown has a proven plan and a process that you can use to help get more control over your time. It’s been tested with hundreds of coaching clients and her own team members, and is immediately actionable.

Inspiring and invigorating, this presentation shows you how to:
– Have more peace and less stress as it relates to your personal productivity.
– Identify what your most valuable priorities are and how to create a plan for protecting them
– The single greatest mistake that most people make with their time that can be devastating to their well being over the long term
– What most people don’t even realize about how they’re losing time
– A 7-step process for creating a schedule that works

It’s possible to feel more under control, have peace about your plan, and get more margin in your life. Bring Emmie Brown in and break free of the stress, pressure, and overwhelm that most people experience when it relates to their time.

Win this Season:

Strategies to STOP Feeling Unbalanced and START Living in the NOW!

We all go through different seasons of life in which specific areas of our lives need extra focus and attention. Each season brings different challenges to our success and fulfillment.

With so many competing responsibilities in our lives, each having significance, how do we achieve success? How do we experience a sense of peace? How do we feel like we are successfully balancing it all?

The truth is that most of us feel really out of control. We feel like we are barely juggling it all or that things are just slipping through the cracks. Sometimes we even feel like we are not really winning at anything.

In this empowering presentation you will learn:

  • How to identify the season you are in
  • To define the win so that you know what success looks like for you
  • How to stop having a short-term perspective that leads to frustration and poor decisions and start thinking long
  • To live in the present

If you can learn to Win this Season, you will have perspective that allows you to experience real peace. You will be able to more effectively focus your attention and time toward what matters and will experience greater success.

If you don’t, then you might always just feel a little out of balance.

SPECIAL NOTE: This hilarious and uplifting program is fantastic for female and general audiences, and also great for men and business audiences too.

Booking Emmie is a simple 3 step process:

  • Schedule a Date:

    Work with one of our experienced program directors to check Emmie’s calendar availability for the date of your upcoming event. We book Emmie out years in advance so this important first step should be done as soon as possible!

  • Research and Customization:

    Emmie and our team will work directly with you to learn about your organization’s needs and goals. We use a series of calls and forms to help gather information for Emmie to use in customizing a talk that is specifically and uniquely tailored to your audience.

  • Emmie Rocks The Room:

    Emmie delivers a dynamic, inspiring, and hilarious keynote presentation to your audience that will be one of the highlights of your conference.

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