Mike Weber

Leadership Expert | Education Market/Change Management

Mike Weber grew up in the Midwest, earned his degree at Cornell University in New York, majored in agriculture, and decided on a career in training and public speaking. He’s coached soccer, run cross-country, taught creativity, sold books door-to-door, climbed snow-covered mountains, and started his own business. Along the way, almost nothing has stayed the same. One constant that he found in life is that to succeed and thrive, you must grow and change.

In 1993, he founded Southwestern Consulting’s The Leadership Institute with a focus on equipping student and business leaders with the skills and attitudes needed to excel in today’s dynamic world.

Over the past 18 years, Weber has motivated and inspired people at conferences from Maine to California to push through toward their potential. His high-energy and interactive style engages audiences both intellectually and kinesthetically. Using props such as balloons, duct tape, peanut butter, ropes, and juggling balls, Weber drives home principles and ideas that will transform how you approach and interact with others.

A much-sought-after trainer and speaker, Mike works with schools, businesses, and nonprofits helping them to change how they act by first changing how they look at life, others, and themselves. Change is rarely easy, but it can be immensely profitable. And with Weber showing you how, it can be a lot of fun, too!

In Breaking the Unwritten Rules, Weber explains that we are creatures of habit. We think in patterns and act in patterns. These patterns are often defined by the rules that we live by. All of us know the rules, but it is the unwritten rules that really define how we live. Is it “okay” to be late for a meeting? Is the speed limit really 65 MPH or does “everybody know” that you can go 70 or 75? (That’s 80 MPH in Massachusetts!)

Every organization, every job, every activity has unwritten rules. Weber’s passion is to help organizations and individuals find patterns for success that allow them to maximize their levels of performance and have more fun doing it.

All programs are customized to address the needs and “unwritten rules” of your organization. Some of the more popular programs deal with the Unwritten Rules of Leadership, Customer Service, Communication, and Teamwork.