Dustin Hillis

CEO Southwestern Family of Companies | Author | Behavioral Specialist

  • CEO of the Southwestern Family of Companies
  • Co-Founder of Southwestern Consulting
  • Head of Southwestern Coaching
  • Elite-Level Coach and Consultant
  • Co-Author of Navigate 2.0: Selling the Way People Like to Buy
  • Author of Navigate: Selling the Way People Like to Buy
  • Creator of Navigate Referrals (DVD Set)
  • Co-Author of Speaking of Success along with Stephen Covey, Ken Blanchard, and Jack Canfield
  • All-Time Sales Record Holder out of 150,000 salespeople worldwide for the over 160-year-old Southwestern Company
  • Website:


Dustin Hillis is an entrepreneur as the Co-Founder of Southwestern Consulting. Southwestern Consulting has worked with over 10,000 teams and has a client list that includes Google, Wells Fargo, DIRECTV / AT&T, Bridgestone / Firestone and Verizon Cellular Sales. Dustin is the Head of Southwestern Coaching, which is a sales coaching and leadership coaching business that has offices in Estonia, Lithuania, Canada and the USA with more than 120 sales and operations team members. The Southwestern Coaching team has coached over 8,500+ clients through its one-on-one sales & leadership coaching programs.

As a Sales & Leadership Behavioral Specialist, Dustin has a degree in Psychology from the University of Tennessee. He is the author of the book Navigate: Selling The Way People Like To Buy, co-author of Navigate 2.0, co-author of Speaking of Success along with Stephen Covey, Ken Blanchard, and Jack Canfield, and the creator of Navigate Referrals (DVD Set)He is the co-creator of the sales coaching curriculum Top Producer’s Edge & Manager’s Edge, which has been fully integrated by more than 8,500+ sales professionals worldwide. As an international keynote speaker, he has delivered keynote speeches in Singapore, Scotland, London, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Peru, Colombia, Canada, and all over the United States. He is a regularly scheduled guest teacher at Vanderbilt University teaching business students about the Cycle of the Sale. He has been featured in media outlets such as Fast Company and the Dave Ramsey Radio Show.

More than just a speaker and author, Dustin is a Top-Producing & Top-Leading practitioner.  As a rookie dealer at Southwestern Advantage, the oldest direct sales company in the US, he finished as the #1 salesperson among over 2,500 salespeople worldwide. A few years later, Dustin broke the over 160-year-old all-time sales record earning a profit of over $100,000 in a 14-week summer as a Junior in college. He is still currently ranked as the #1 salesperson out of over 150,000+ salespeople in the history of the Southwestern Company. Over the past 10 years, Dustin has remained as one of the top producers at Southwestern Consulting while helping manage the daily operations of the business and building and leading the #1 top producing team at Southwestern Consulting.


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