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Training new associates can be a very time consuming process that pulls you, the leader, away from other business building initiatives. We know what it takes to get your team trained both in the profession of mortgage but also in the profession of selling. It doesn’t matter if you know how to process a loan if you can’t sell a loan. This is how our ELEVATE MORTGAGE training program actually provides you a return on your investment. Your new associates complete our program with real leads coming in the door and real business closed.

Our ELEVATE MORTGAGE training program is customizable based on the needs of you and your new associate. You can buy our program in phases or you can buy a set package. This allows you to determine what curriculum satisfies your most urgent training needs. We have set each phase into 8 week increments along with both mortgage training and sales activity benchmarks to help you follow the progress of your associates in the program. We believe that getting your team selling as fast as possible, while simultaneously educating them in the field of mortgage, is crucial to their success. We know that the quicker they experience success the more likely they are to stay in the business and stay on your team!

We offer both individual and group pricing for each of the 6 phases of our ELEVATE MORTGAGE training program as well as standard package options.

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Buy our packages in mass and save thousands of dollars training your new mortgage associates! See additional details for our ELEVATE MORTGAGE group package discount program below.

Once purchased you have 12 months (from date of purchase) to use your participant package. This allows you to benefit from the group purchase discount in advance of your future hires completing the program.


Josh Quibodeaux, Branch Manager, Caliber Home Loans

Breaking down my production into miniature goals was HUGE. It's so much more effective when you break the end goal apart into little pieces and focus on those pieces instead of the end result. FINALLY, convincing me to let go of some of the control was pretty big too. Forming a process that enables my team to handle leads, take apps and communicate with my referral partners has freed up quite a bit of time. WAY more aware of. I’m very conscious of it now and I’m constantly working at it. Delegating has never been one of my strong points and I feel way more confident in that area now. This was a big breaking point for me.

Dan Greco, Loan Originator, AnnieMac Home Mortgage

I just wanted to take a minute to tell you how well my business is doing since I started coaching. Last year I did 6 million in production, but as of the end of August, I just passed 10 million and I am working less hours. I Numbers aside, I wanted to let you know what a wonderful warm hearted person my coach is! Now numbers are great and by meeting her I have accomplished those, but I can feel the way she cares about me, my family and my business, and that is more important than numbers. I wasn't happy when this coaching was put on me but I am certainly happy now.

Andy Ellis, Branch Manager, Prime Lending

I enlisted the help of the Southwestern Consulting team to help with myself and a few of my other loan officers. The experience has been excellent. One of my higher producing loan officers has produced his career record month since enrolling, and has reduced his customer service issues dramatically. We have had phenomenal year so far. Our market is now a tier one for the company, which has never happened before. We are also growing like crazy and setting record volume numbers. The program has been great at helping me hold myself accountable
as well as providing several resources and tips for me in the process.

Liz Dubois, Mortgage Consultant, Caliber Home Loans

Prior to working with Southwestern Consulting my average monthly closings hung around $600,000, but in just 6 short months, I have had multiple months closing over 1 million and even one month at 2 million! My biggest month of my career occurred in 4th quarter no less, mid-holiday season! I highly recommend Southwestern Consulting to move you forward in your sales career. No matter what you are selling, it is imperative to have coaching in your life to hold yourself accountable to meeting your daily, monthly and annual sales goals. The
calls are based on your immediate needs, not where they think you should be.

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