Sales Coaching: Top Producer’s Edge

The Sales Coaching Curriculum for Top Producer’s Edge:

Sales Skills

  • How to generate and sell to referrals
  • How to close like a pro
  • Painless Prospecting: How to reach the decision maker every time
  • Learning to answer objections BEFORE they come up


  • Time Management: Create a schedule that works – get more done in less time
  • How to hire and train an effective assistant to delegate non-income producing activities
  • Selling with social media marketing
  • Crystallize your goals and map out your maximum earning potential


  • Harness the power of self-talk
  • Program your subconscious mind to work for you: create your personal vision board
  • Create strategies for overcoming creative avoidance
  • Understanding self motivation and sales psychology

  • Increase your income

    Gather more referrals, set more appointments, and close more sales!

  • Multiply your time

    Be more organized, create better systems, and find more balancing in your life without compromising your success.

  • Improve your confidence

    Overcome fear, procrastination, and sales reluctance.

What’s included?

1-on-1 phone calls

Talk with your coach twice a month to keep you encouraged, help you problem solve, and hold you accountable.

Online learning

Receive an online training video every other day on topics such as: gathering unlimited referrals, setting more appointments, improving your closing percentage, answering objections, utilizing social media for warm lead generation, and more.

Critical success factors

You’ll use our online proprietary tool every day to track your progress toward goals to help guarantee results.

Partner with some of the most respected sales experts in the world to help you take your business to the next level.

Every coach on our team has a minimum of 10 years sales experience. All Southwestern Consulting coaches are practitioners first and coaches second - which means we are all actively selling and practicing what we teach.

To learn about sales or leadership coaching:

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Michael Starr, Farmers Insurance

I was selling an average of 18 policies per month and now, after coaching, I’m consistently writing over 30 policies per month!

Jamie Warren, Iron Tribe Fitness

My total revenue this year while I was in coaching was 51% higher than last year.

Chad Goldwasser, Goldwasser Real Estate

The first year we were in coaching with Southwestern Consulting we sold 543 homes and we had the #1 Keller Williams sales team worldwide out of 76,000 agents.

Mark Cleve – Tom James Clothier

I have had a 51% increase in personal production .... you get out of it what you put into it. I have earned 20 times what I invested and I am LOVING every minute of it!

Charlotte Hillegas, First Command Financial

Coaching has helped me to get my systems in order, improve my time management and focus on my IPAs. It has taken me to the next level!

Fernando Hernandez, Care Patrol

Your mission, your vision and the genuine desire to change people’s lives has breathed new life in me. For the first time in my life I feel like I am in control of my future.

Jennifer Stewart, First Bank Mortgage

With my coach's accountability I have not only increased my monthly production by 50%, but I’ve also dropped 15 pounds!

Jacob Underwood, Northwestern Mutual

My #1 goal in business was qualifying for MDRT (Million Dollar Round Table) – and with SWC’s accountability, I did it!

Cory Miller, DirecTV

Coaching has helped me personally and my team both to grow. We have seen a 23% growth in our business since I started.

Our Clients Include :

Our sales & leadership insights reach over 4 million people via mainstream media every month:

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