Elevate Sales

Our Heritage

Southwestern Consulting is a part of The Southwestern Family of Companies which is a collection of 16 different private operating companies that span across many different industries all with two things in common: direct sales and building people. We have over 10,000 salespeople worldwide who do over $200 million in revenue all combined.

Our oldest company and still flagship is Southwestern Advantage which was established in 1868 making it the oldest direct sales company in the US. To this day, Southwestern Advantage helps college students pay their way through school by teaching them to run their own businesses selling educational children’s reference materials door to door. Several of our consultants, coaches, and speakers at Southwestern Consulting got their start in sales by working in the program selling and recruiting students to sell door to door.

Our other companies in the corporate family include:

  • The #1 Raymond James office in the world, Southwestern Investments, who currently manages over $2billion in assets.
  • The largest school fund-raising company in the world, Great American. We’ve raised over $7billion for schools across America by offering premium products like cookie dough and gift wrapping paper.
  • One of the fastest growing Direct Sales company in the world, Wildtree. Wildtree specializes in selling all natural, organic, health food products through a home party plan model.
  • One of our affiliate partners is Tom James, the largest custom clothier company in the world. Many people know Tom James because they bring their suits directly to your home or office.
  • Recently we sold our insurance company, Family Heritage, to Torchmark for over $200 million.

Our history and heritage is deeply entrenched in the profession of selling. We know selling, we do selling, we love selling! And at our very core, we are practitioners of what we preach.