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The Juggler’s Dilemma

Do you ever feel you are juggling so many balls, one or more may have to be dropped?

Some friends and I were catching up and talking about all we had going on with our lives. They heard some of the things I am currently doing and gave me some unsolicited counsel. They said I should drop something. I fully understand the concept – you drop some balls so you can fully manage the others. That makes sense, and it’s what is often done. Only…my brain sees it differently. My brain says, “Find more arms!”

Juggling can accentuate a high skill level that requires talent and coordination to keep objects in the air with specific communication between the mind and body. For me, each one of my balls is important – both in the air or in my hands. So much so, I don’t want to reduce the amount I have in either. It’s a fine line knowing where each ball is when it is going up and where it will be when it comes back down to be caught and heaved up once more.

I truly believe we all can have too much on our plate which, in turn, diminishes our appetite. I’m doing my best not to burn out or become ineffective in anything I do. To do this, I tend to put my balls into one of four categories.

Here is a sample of some of the subcategories of my main balls, which often lend to my mentality that I need to get some more arms. Yours will, of course, differ.

These balls are just the tip of a very large iceberg. With so many balls in the air at one time, I’ve had a phrase that resonates with me. It describes my drive to not only keep them in the air but also keep them somewhat balanced and equalized:

A higher purpose for a higher self.

My faith is important to me. When I do what I do for a higher purpose, it encourages me to be a higher version of myself. I am my higher self when I am obedient to whatever it is I have been called to juggle, adding to my other responsibilities.

I’ll share one such example. One of the balls I’ve been charged to juggle is that of missions. I’ve not been called to live overseas full-time and witness to indigenous tribes. But I have been called to lead short-term missions that have a long-term effect. Through these missions, I can offer hope and share God’s love for both the attendees and those we are there to serve. Each place, whether international or domestic, I can build relationships which I find so important. I am unable to drop the ball once it is launched in the air. And when I say “unable,” I mean I will not allow this responsibility that has been placed upon me hit the ground. I simply won’t.

And that’s why rather than drop the important balls my life’s calling has placed on me, I have to find the right balance by choosing the balls I juggle and finding more arms to keep the ones in the air I have previously committed to. Now, we all know there is no such thing as growing more arms. But, there is always a solution to a problem. I’ve just learned to juggle faster and better.

Sure, I still must drop some balls from time to time, but fewer and fewer as I learn to master and delegate my time. For sure, one lesson I am learning over time is the subtle art of delegation. Using someone else’s arms to help me juggle has been an answer many times. And that is how you find more arms!

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