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Our story makes us who we are. Our choices make us who we will be.

Have you ever thought about these two statements? I have. What comes to my mind is how our story is made up of our past, while our choices determine our future.


Having the good fortune to have worked with college students for two decades with Southwestern Advantage, I’ve come to realize they are in a crossroads of finding who they are and in the crosshairs of losing who they are. But it’s not just young adults, it’s all of us. It’s our choices that determine, to a large degree, what happened in our past, what is happening in our present, and what will happen in our future. All of those choices make up and lead to the storylines of our lives. Just like a book, we can turn the page and write the next chapter of our lives or we can continue the current arc of our narrative.


As a kid, I would read a series of books called Choose Your Own Adventure. They were fascinatingly set up to where you would read a developing plot and then you would come to a junction in the story where you had to choose what happened next. “If you want to explore the cave, turn to page 82. If you choose to keep walking on the dark path in the forest, go to page 64.” I just made that example up, but you get the point. Life is like those Choose Your Own Adventure books. You can have any number of adventures during your lifespan! It’s your choices that take you there – good and bad. Do you turn to page 26 where a bad relationship awaits you or do you turn to page 57 where a friendship develops into love? You make the choices that determine the outcome of your story.


As a young man, my story was dependent on decisions I needed to make for my future. With college came complete freedom. My parents moved to another state and I was left to grow up or act out. I chose the former. My story was forever altered when I made the decision to follow God’s way rather than my own way. In fact, I’ve been guilty of complaining to a friend how I DON’T have a story. With the young people I mentor and counsel in the ways of life, at one time I felt underqualified and underconfident because I never got into drugs or alcohol, pornography, stealing, or anything else that would have my story take a turn for the worse. That good friend, however, helped me see while my story did not reflect theirs, that did not mean I didn’t add value to help them make the next choice that would alter the course of their history. You see, our trajectory through the sequence of life is dependent on the decisions we make. Our conclusion will be determined by our history.


It can sometimes be a challenge when you look in the mirror and see the person you are because of your past – especially if you don’t like who is staring back at you. But your eyes don’t lie. And through them, you also see the person you so desperately want to be that you may not yet fully be. At some time, we all must face our current self to become our future self.


Your story is being written. Each day is a new page. Are you holding the pen to write your story, or are poor decisions writing a story for you worthy of a bad Lifetime movie? Let your story be conclusive of who you want to be. It’s not complete until your last breath. Make the most of each opportunity, each choice, and each moment to be the best version of yourself. Is your story a drama, tragedy, comedy, or inspirational? Choose your own adventure through life to be the person you will one day be.

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