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New Year’s Resolutions Are Really Just Old Year’s Procrastinations

Since we are fresh into a new year, I have had the thought of New Year’s Resolutions on my mind.

You see, I have a different take on the promises to change some kind of established negative pattern or behavior leading to added stress in our lives. Instead of New Year’s Resolutions, I see them more as being “Old Year’s Procrastinations.”

While I know many of these are in fun and the new year represents a “new you,” I find many people’s resolutions I know to be empty statements brought on by the guilt of procrastination. They mean well, and even get started for two weeks, but trail off into the bad habits the year before offered. And now with the proliferation of social media, people’s guilt-ridden claims for the new year are everywhere.

If something in your life needs to be altered for a better you, then why must attention be drawn to it and it be ushered in based on the turn of the calendar? If you need to hit the gym, go do it in September. Or if you want to lose weight, start eating healthier in July. If you need to start saving more money, get your budget planned in October. If you are going to drink fewer sodas, do it in March. Pick your month and pick your personal poison – but start now. If there is something needed to be done to improve you as a person, address it immediately rather than dragging it to the end of the year. These are our “Old Year’s Procrastinations” – things that can and should be addressed when recognized as an issue. My message is this:

We don’t need to put off for tomorrow what we need to change today.

Don’t let excuses and procrastination stop you from becoming the best version of the person you are becoming.

To change direction a little, but still on the topic of New Year’s, I noticed a trend I’ve seen on social media the past few years that I like. It’s where when the New Year begins, people have a word they plan to focus on throughout the year. It’s like their self-motivational battle cry. When I saw several of my friends doing this, I had one response: “I want one.”

After some thought, my power word, or theme if you will, for 2019 is “intentionality.” I have some big plans for 2019 and want to be very intentional about them. 2019 marks my 20th year with Southwestern Advantage, there will be a second print run of both my books that came out in 2018, and I am looking to expand a pet project that involves a part of my ministry, among several other things keeping me very busy. Look out world!

While you won’t catch me making resolutions, you can ask me about how I am being intentional in my life. For me, this will be an everyday effort. After all, isn’t that the objective?

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