Trey Campbell believes that the key to being a great leader is being someone worth following and he wants to teach people at every age how to accomplish that feat.

Throughout his career, Trey has held various positions of leadership in his community and within his profession with such organizations and institutions as the Nashville Junior Chamber of Commerce, the United Way of Metropolitan Nashville, the Public Relations Society of America – Nashville, Belmont University – PR Major Advisor, and the Direct Selling Association, just to name a few.

He is the author of 12 Jars: Making the Most of the Rest of Your Life and 72 Days: A Devotional of Biblical Principles and Life Lessons for Spiritual Leadership, Growth, and Guidance. He also expanded his influence on leadership as the featured Commencement Speaker at a NOSSI College of Art.

Several of his many accolades in life and business include being named a 2011 Forty-Under-40 winner by the Nashville Business Journal, presented with a lifetime achievement award in public relations and communications by the Public Relations Society in Nashville and 24 individual awards for work in the industry,the 2013 Best in Business Award by the Nashville Business Journal and winning 5 awards for his Southwestern Advantage consumer blog.

Living out your leadership is something Trey strongly believes. He has served on, set up, and led 16 mission trips to Mexico, Africa, Haiti, and Nicaragua – showing how excellent leaders lead by example and action.

Trey has also worked with tens of thousands of young people – encouraging them, guiding them, and shaping them into spirit-filled leaders – because everyone deserves the opportunity to become a leader who creates impact and expands their influence.

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    Trey delivers a dynamic, inspiring, and hilarious keynote presentation to your audience that will be one of the highlights of your conference.

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