15 Minutes to Greatness: The Conclusion

In the previous posts, we detailed our thoughts regarding 1% daily dedicated effort and 15 Minutes to Greatness.

We dissected the following four areas:
The math: Achieving greatness by quantifying 1% into transformative change.
The psychology: Possessing a positive-growth mindset for improvement.
The physiology: Treating your body right, and it will show in other aspects in your life.
The scripture: Reading His word to uplift you.

Putting it all together, dedicate these actions to begin transforming your life.


We hope this series has inspired you to daily dedicated 1% effort.

Weekly building your schedule and picturing the next day every night.
Fill in the gaps of your schedule with your dedicated 1% time.

Pick your time of day.
Morning/lunch/bedtime. Try different times of the day. If it doesn’t work first thing in the morning, try another time. 1,440 minutes in a day, you just need 15.

Stick with it.
If “diving in” is difficult, consider starting small.
Maybe start with a half percent. Just 7 minutes to get into it.
Just get started and keep with it!

What is in your way?
Is it TV/social media/habits that don’t serve you?
Overcome it!

Renew your conviction daily! Every day DECIDE to become 1% better.

We hope you enjoyed our series and are inspired to daily dedicated effort!

Tony Hagelgans is a certified Sales and Leadership coach with Southwestern Consulting in Nashville, TN and John Witt is a Partner with NavPoint Real Estate Group in Castle Rock, CO.

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