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Dr. Terry Lyles is the leading expert on delivering results in high-stress environments.

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Entrepreneur and Stress Coach | Performance Under Pressure

Dr. Terry Lyles’ work is focused on teaching groups of all ages how to navigate life’s storms and difficult situations through stress utilization and work/life balance training.

Terry has spent his life measuring and studying human performance. He holds a Ph.D. in psychology, has conducted extensive research in sports science and is an expert in biotelemetry and psycho-telemetry. Terry is recognized as a national/international educator, author, and speaker to universities, schools, Fortune 500 Companies, world-class athletes, and public audiences.

Recognized as a thought leader in his field, Dr. Terry Lyles has appeared on NBC, ABC, USA Today, CNN, Headlines News, The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch, FOX News, and in U.S. News & World Report. He has also hosted a premier talk show sponsored by Success Magazine and was heard on-air as the “Stress Doctor” in south Florida.

Dr. Lyles has spent the past 20 years working with a diverse group of clientele in extreme settings. He has brought the vital tool of stress utilization to organizations like NASCAR Evernham Motorsports, DaimlerChrysler, Macy’s West, Pfizer, Universal Studios, ABC, ESPN, and Disney.

Perhaps the greatest teacher has been Terry’s own personal experiences. He has voluntarily placed himself into emotionally intense environments and situations like supporting fire-rescue workers in and around Ground Zero helped international forensic medical teams in the Asian tsunami-torn area and served regularly as a resource for other regions experiencing hurricanes and natural disasters.

He also has served as a caretaker for his own adult son—diagnosed with Quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy, he wakes up every day facing an uphill battle against his physical limitations. Despite being given dismal odds, his son emotes joy and powers through the day with immense motivation. His son’s example made Terry ask an impactful question, “What is my excuse?” and then “What is your excuse?”

No one should live as a slave to his or her stress.  Terry knows without a doubt that his time- tested, scientifically-measured approach to stress utilization fosters creativity, cultivates motivation, and increases productivity.

Performance Under Pressure


Are you struggling under the weight of life’s challenges? Do you want to learn how to move from survive to thrive? Most people let outside influences dictate their quality of life. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Performance coach Dr. Terry Lyles can teach you how to make a permanent shift in your relationship with stress, no matter what circumstances you are facing. In Performance under Pressure, Lyles reveals how to use stress as a source of inspiration to achieve long-term happiness. Filled with practical tools, research, and engaging stories, this book will help you recognize where you are stuck in self-defeating behaviors, guiding you to realize new levels of personal health—mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically.

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Performance Under Pressure: How Leaders Help Their Teams Win in High-Stress Situations

Stress is an inevitable challenge that all teams will have to learn how to overcome.

Teams that learn to utilize stress properly maximize their performance but most teams don’t.

Instead, too often stress causes teams to feel overwhelmed, blame their teammates, and become underproductive.

If not managed properly, stress can even cause teams to self-destruct.

The best leaders in the world understand stress and have a game plan for how to manage it with themselves and their teams so that they can produce results in spite of stressful situations.

Dr. Terry Lyles is the expert who has pioneered the area of stress utilization. He has a proven game plan that leaders can use to prepare their teams to operate in the most demanding environments.

Not only is Terry’s approach grounded in science, but it has also been field-tested with NASCAR Formula One racers, fighter pilots, emergency response crews, and a variety of executives and management teams across the world.

This keynote will give your leaders the tools and insights to:

  • Develop simple ways for their team to recharge and align for optimal performance
  • Implement best practices to increase employee motivation and reinforce corporate culture
  • Improve overall team physical health—reducing the number of sick days taken and productivity lost
  • Foster a team-based environment that fosters innovation and execution
  • Develop a stress maintenance plan that will be used throughout your company on a daily basis

If you are leading a team that deals with any type of stress at all, this system will help you get them to the next level.

Elite Athlete: The Science of Maximizing Physical Performance

The highest levels of physical competition also demand the most intense mental preparation as well.

Human performance measurement in the field of sports science is well-documented. For the athlete, optimizing performance means learning how to harmonize the mind/body experience, to go “in the zone” on-demand when under pressure.

Understanding the limits of the human body and how to maximize and conserve energy levels before, during, and after a performance is the key to consistent results.

Merging biotelemetry and psycho-telemetry is the foundation for Dr. Terry Lyles’ approach that has yielded quantifiable results with elite athletes worldwide many times over the last 20 years. Whether it’s working with the military, first responders, or NASCAR drivers or pit-crews, Dr. Lyles’ methods are tested and proven to create maximum physical performance.

In this powerful science-based program, Dr. Lyles will share:

  • The principles and practices that the world’s top athletes use to prepare
  • Biological truths about rest and recovery cycles and what amount is needed for maximum performance
  • Mistakes and misconceptions that most athletes have that cost them in the long run
  • 5 universal traits that championship teams have in common
  • An unexpected way to immediately optimize physicality under pressure

Most of all, this program can shorten the learning curve needed to secure the desired results that elite performers worldwide expect and deserve.

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Tim Cindric, President, TEAM PENSKE

“Dr. Terry Lyles possesses an incredibly unique life gift: He selflessly shares what he has learned in working through his own personal trials, and shows people how to convert challenges, and even tragedies, into inner strength and success. Terry’s openness and compassion is an inspiration for anyone in need of direction and reassurance. I wholeheartedly endorse this book!”

Robert Worley II, Retired General, USAF

As a general officer in the US Air Force, I called on Terry to coach me and literally hundreds of my officers and enlisted members in Air Force Space Command and in the Pentagon.  He truly changed our minds about stress and helped transform individuals and organizations into more highly performing teams.  Terry is masterful in bringing his vast professional experience as a psychologist, as well as his own amazing personal life experiences together in a powerful delivery that actually changes lives and organizations…I’ve seen it first hand.  This book captures the essence of how important stress is, and how, with the right understanding and approach to stress from the mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical perspectives, you can thrive amidst the stresses of life. 

Ray Evernham, Founder, NASCAR’S Evernham Motorsports

Terry is an important part of our race team.  He brings a positive thought process to any situation and keeps our key crew members and drivers focused on what is important – PERFORMANCE!!

Doug Herbert, NHRA Top Fuel Driver and B.R.A.K.E.S.

We are pleased to have Dr. Lyles on board with the Doug Herbert racing team.  He brings with him principles and ideas that maximize the potential of all our team members and ultimately will help us get to the finish line ahead of our competition at over 330 MPH!

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