Performance Under Pressure

Dr. Terry Lyles is the leading expert on delivering results in high-stress environments.

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Increase Employee Productivity – Decrease Turnover – Create Motivated Teams – Improve Team Performance –   Drive Revenue

Performance is measured in almost everything we do and sets the trajectory for overall company success.

But the pressure of performing well can be overwhelming and intimidating. It can leave employees feeling fatigued, unmotivated, and stressed.

Add a fast-paced work environment, economic demands, and the immense desire to overshoot their quarterly goals, and they wonder why they find themselves caught in a perfect storm of unproductivity.

They can’t help it.  They try their best to manage their stress but nothing works.

Dr. Terry Lyles combines research on how the brain and body receives and processes stress with years of working alongside and coaching high-intensity industry leaders to guide you toward becoming a performer under pressure.

Terry Lyles is a firm believer that stress is not our problem: insufficient recovery is.

He is an expert in helping companies develop and sustain motivated employees by teaching them how to utilize stress and not simply manage it.

Don’t continue to wonder why financial goals remain unmet and employees seem tired and apathetic.

Instead, help employees feel confident in their ownership of energy and inspiration, create motivated teams, increase overall performance, and drive productivity.

Your business will thank you for cracking the code on how to perform under pressure.

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Tim Cindric, President, TEAM PENSKE

“Dr. Terry Lyles possesses an incredibly unique life gift: He selflessly shares what he has learned in working through his own personal trials, and shows people how to convert challenges, and even tragedies, into inner strength and success. Terry’s openness and compassion is an inspiration for anyone in need of direction and reassurance. I wholeheartedly endorse this book!”

Robert Worley II, Retired General, USAF

As a general officer in the US Air Force, I called on Terry to coach me and literally hundreds of my officers and enlisted members in Air Force Space Command and in the Pentagon.  He truly changed our minds about stress and helped transform individuals and organizations into more highly performing teams.  Terry is masterful in bringing his vast professional experience as a psychologist, as well as his own amazing personal life experiences together in a powerful delivery that actually changes lives and organizations…I’ve seen it first hand.  This book captures the essence of how important stress is, and how, with the right understanding and approach to stress from the mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical perspectives, you can thrive amidst the stresses of life. 

Ray Evernham, Founder, NASCAR’S Evernham Motorsports

Terry is an important part of our race team.  He brings a positive thought process to any situation and keeps our key crew members and drivers focused on what is important – PERFORMANCE!!

Doug Herbert, NHRA Top Fuel Driver and B.R.A.K.E.S.

We are pleased to have Dr. Lyles on board with the Doug Herbert racing team.  He brings with him principles and ideas that maximize the potential of all our team members and ultimately will help us get to the finish line ahead of our competition at over 330 MPH!

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