Steve Harbaugh’s Bio

Steve Harbaugh is a Certified Professional Sales and Leadership Coach. He specializes in teaching ethical sales techniques and strategies that individuals and teams can use to immediately grow their sales.

  • Professional Sales Coach at Southwestern Consulting
  • 28+ years’ experience in Sales / Sales Management, team development, and coaching / training
  • Top producer in sales, both retail and wholesale, with many national awards for excellence
  • Founder and Co-founder of three businesses in the Marine, Sporting Goods, and Financial Brokerage industries
  • Delivered 500+ Professional Sales workshops, seminars, and keynote presentations across the US and Canada for companies of all sizes, from Fortune 100 and 500, to small business
  • Favorite saying: “People don’t buy what we do or sell…they buy what we do or sell that is truly different and better than our competition! We have to know what that is, and plan strategically to accomplish being different and better!”
  • Passionate about helping people grow in the areas of professional selling, handling objections and closing, strategic sales targeting, vision, and creative approaches to marketplace growth

Steve has a Bachelor of Science degree from Purdue University, Lafayette, IN, a MMin, and is currently chipping away on a PhD.

As the son of two college teachers, he believes in the importance of constantly learning, striving, growing, and achieving – and he loves applying that passion and his experience in business to help others achieve excellence in their professional careers and personal lives.