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What if you could get an immediate boost from your sales team?

What if you could, in one hour, get your salespeople excited to gather more referrals, make more prospecting calls, and improve their closing ratios?

What if you could send people out of your next weekly sales meeting on fire ready to charge into the world and generate more business?

That’s exactly what we do for you in our “Immediate Results Sales Training Workshop.”

And it’s completely Complimentary!

As a way of introducing ourselves and earning your trust, you will get the opportunity to have one of our Certified Southwestern Coaches directly in your office to do a custom-tailored advanced sales training for your sales team . . . at no charge.

We will work with you to tailor and cover any of the following topics for your sales team:

  • Top Producer Mindset and Staying Motivated
  • Generating a Referral Based Clientele
  • Phone Techniques for Getting to the Decision Maker
  • Advanced Closing Techniques
  • Handling Objections and Overcoming Excuses
  • Creative Prospecting Ideas
  • Navigating and Identifying Behavioral Types
  • Goal Setting that Works
  • Time Management Strategies
  • Remembering Names and Making Professional First Impressions
  • Qualifying Correctly and Asking Better Questions
  • Presentation Enhancement

3 Easy steps to get you started:

  • Schedule a Time:

    Book a complimentary workshop today. Typically, managers book during one of your regularly scheduled sales meetings.

  • Research and Customization:

    We’ll work with you directly to get a better understanding of your team and what their biggest sales opportunities are before the sales training. This helps us customize the training for maximum results.

  • Immediate Results Workshop:

    One of our dynamite presenters will come in and entertain, educate, and inspire your team to immediately go out and generate more business.

Why would we do this?

It’s the way that we get the word out about our one-on-one coaching program. Our core business is doing one-on-one coaching for salespeople through our curriculum Top Producer’s Edge and for sales leaders through our curriculum Manager’s Edge.

Most of all, we’re interested in changing the way the world thinks about salespeople and sharing tried and true principles and techniques that will elevate both the practice and perception of selling.

For more information, speak with one of our Certified Top Producer Coaches.

Grow your team's sales today:

Request a complimentary workshop


Jeremy Perkins, President, Precision Medical Products

This workshop provided an adrenaline shot of motivation, detailed goal setting, and focused intensity to our sales force. All the industry knowledge in the world is a waste if educated sales reps are not excited, motivated and sharp in their sales skills.

Salvatore Balsamo, Owner/Manager, Barrister’s Title

I ignored your first few calls. But you persisted. You were always positive and you made me believe that you had something important to talk about with me. Eventually, I made a conscious decision to answer your call. I am so glad that I did. So much of what I try to impress upon my sales team you embodied in how you sold to me. And the training you provided was interesting, engaging and completely invigorated my team.

Natasha Langford, Banking Center Manager, Old National Bank

Your workshop was a phenomenal start to our morning! I loved all the questions the team asked- I could tell they were thinking in the right direction. It was truly a wonderful presentation and we all feel as if we had actionable take aways from it!

Barry Hoehn, Director of Sales , Greater Birmingham Convention & Visitors Bureau

You "hit it out of the ballpark" with your presentation. Our team members keep inquiring about when they will have the opportunity to go through more of your training presentations so that they can continue to grow. Barry Hoehn, Director of Sales , Greater Birmingham Convention & Visitors Bureau

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Grow your team's sales today:

Request a complimentary workshop