A well trained sales person is a well performing sales person. Training your sales team can be the difference between growing and thriving or declining and barely surviving.

However, we find that most companies and their team members report they wish they had more training. Whether it’s because the company doesn’t have the time, staff or know-how, their teams go out every day under-equipped to maximize their potential.

When this happens there are lost sales, unhappy customers, decreased morale, and increased team member turnover.

As it turns out, the one thing that is more expensive than training a team, is not training them!

Southwestern Consulting can help. We’ve trained hundreds of thousands of people in more than 40 countries and worked with more than 8,000 different sales teams over the last decade.

Our expert content is regularly featured in mainstream global media and makes up some of the bestselling books of all-time. Plus, our experience is based in the 160-year-old history of our parent company which has produced countless top performers in dozens of different industries.

Create Your Own Customized Sales Training Package in 5 Easy Steps…

Step 1 – Choose your topic(s):

  • Vision


    A person without vision has no reason to endure short term sacrifices and no context for putting in the hard work today it takes to be successful tomorrow. But most people are not good at creating vision for their own life or they don’t spend the time to do it. In this session we will take you through a series of key exercises including the “20 What’s to Find Your Why” that will de-mystify the process of creating a personal vision. This could be one of the most important trainings you ever attend as we help you uncover the true underlying motivations that drive you to excel.

  • Goals


    Proprietary polling data tells us that while 91% of people have a general belief that things will work out for the best, 69% admit to having no detailed plan to accomplishing their goals. They have no process for establishing what they want, and no system for executing it to make sure it happens. This training session will teach you the core fundamentals of effective goal setting.

  • Self Talk

    Self Talk

    From the time you wake until the time you go to bed, there is dialog going on inside your head. Self-talk is the most powerful tool you have for success, or it can be the biggest weapon used to tear you down and make you fail. Too many people let their subconscious mind get the best of them by allowing distractions, negative self-image, self-doubt, and complaining to creep up in their mind. It’s usually because people don’t realize how powerful and pervasive self-talk is in shaping their attitude and affecting their overall well-being. This course will expose you to the neuroscience behind self-talk and help you to leverage it as a tool to help you get everything you want in life.

  • Attitude


    Attitude is one of the single greatest determinants of a person’s success in life. Yet few people understand or can even define what attitude is or why explain why it matters. In the absence of a clearly defined strategy for controlling one’s attitude we open ourselves up to be susceptible to a host of negative behaviors that hold us back from reaching our ultimate potential. Not to mention that the poor attitude of one person can quickly turn to be a poor attitude for many thus affecting an entire team’s morale. This training will not only de-mystify what attitude is but give you actionable tools for monitoring and shaping your attitude in a way that sets you up for success.

  • Mastering Time Management For Todays Workforce

    Mastering Time Management For Todays Workforce

    Your schedule is your lifeline. When you are on-schedule you have a good rhythm that will keep you going based off the power of momentum. But If you get off track, it can slow you down, negatively influence your attitude and cause your self-esteem to become a roller coaster which creates stress and frustration. Ultra-performers follow a few simple but profound principles in how they construct and execute their daily and weekly schedules. Here you will learn their secret habits and be empowered to execute on them in your own life.

  • Prospecting Strategies To Get More Meetings

    Prospecting Strategies To Get More Meetings

    Keeping a funnel full of great prospects is the key to sales success. Yet on any given day salespeople have to battle call reluctance, creative avoidance, list fatigue, emotional burnout, or just plain old distraction. And many salespeople don’t realize that they have an underlying set of beliefs that the have inadvertently programmed into their subconscious about prospecting that are holding them back from making more money, creating more impact, and having more time. This power packed training will include both the emotional elements of overcoming fear combined with an abundance of fresh ideas for getting more fresh leads into the front of the funnel.

  • How To Create A Lead Generation Machine

    How To Create A Lead Generation Machine

    Having a full pipeline of warm, qualified leads is what every company wants their salespeople to have and it’s what every great salesperson needs to have in order to be successful. if we can agree on this, then why do your people struggle with having enough people to call on and why do they keep calling on the same accounts over and over again. For most, it’s because calling on the same people is comfortable. It’s easier to follow up with someone who said maybe versus going out and finding a brand new prospect who may say no! In this content rich training session your team will learn the Southwestern Consulting 15 spokes to lead generation as well as how to turn every cold call into a warm lead. Your team will not only leave with new ideas but a concrete plan on how to expand their lead generation efforts, a list of people to call on the very next day and the confidence to make those new calls.

  • Phone Skills To Help You Increase Sales

    Phone Skills To Help You Increase Sales

    Using the phone is an inevitable part of any effective sales process. Whether your team uses the phone for research, prospecting, customer service or follow up we all end up using it at some point during our customer acquisition or retention efforts. The problem, however, is that many people are afraid to pick up the phone today. They are afraid of being rejected, they dislike confrontation, they think email is an equivalent communication tool or they claim using the phone doesn’t work and is a waste of time. Regardless of the reason or excuse fewer and fewer people are practicing the skill set of live human interaction. In this session we help your team uncover the best times to use the phone, the best times to reach people, the best techniques in getting someone on the line and what to say when you reach them or have to leave a message. From dial to contact or voicemail we walk your team through the why, when, how and what to do when using the phone to ensure effectiveness and efficiency during your sales cycle.

  • Getting Past Gatekeepers

    Getting Past Gatekeepers

    Your sales team can make a ton of dials without any real success. They can work many hours without having any progress to show for it. They can have great intentions but because of poor execution we don’t see the expected results for time spent. When it comes to prospecting your sales people can have great front end activity numbers with dials or cold calls but if they can’t get past gatekeepers all that effort is in vain. Put your sales team through our powerful training session on working with and through gatekeepers to reach more decision makers faster. In this class we will teach your team the 8 questions to ask every gatekeeper, how to never get screened again and how to use the phone tree to your advantage. After this session your team will leave empowered knowing that the next dial they make they will be one step closer to reaching that decision maker! *Note, this session can be tailored to phone or in-person prospecting

  • Making Powerful First Impressions

    Making Powerful First Impressions

    We only get approximately 7 seconds to make a first impression, and you never get a second chance to make a first impression. And there are a limited number of prospects in any person’s territory, so it is critical that each interaction starts off on the right foot as to be able to get to the key values and benefits that your company offers to your clients. In addition to getting your value proposition across quickly, this session will also share strategies and techniques for getting in touch with more decision makers and connecting with people much faster.

  • Improving Sales Through Question Based Selling

    Improving Sales Through Question Based Selling

    The average salesperson shows up to a presentation and starts presenting without having all of the knowledge they need to properly question, find the need, and close. As the old saying goes, they “show up and throw up.” This costs salespeople and companies thousands of dollars every single day as it is one of the most common and avoidable mistakes to make in selling. With little written on the topic of qualifying and questioning, and even fewer positive examples to follow in real life, the skill of executing an effective introduction in the sales process is extremely rare and all but extinct. In this training class you will learn the 5 key parts of an effective introduction and why you never move into the presentation of the product without having all of them checked off.

  • Presentation Secrets That Shorten Sales Cycles

    Presentation Secrets That Shorten Sales Cycles

    You can have great rapport, ask great questions in the qualifying stage, and, yet, have a presentation that is not compelling enough to have someone make a decision to work with you. There are several common mistakes that the majority of sales professionals make when it comes to delivering their actual product presentation. Each of them is avoidable and combined with strategies to help you connect more quickly with your clients needs, this training has the potential to help you double your closing percentage.

  • Capturing More Customers With Servant Minded Closing

    Capturing More Customers With Servant Minded Closing

    Nothing else matters in your presentation if you cannot bring the prospect to a point of decision. But we find that salespeople either err on the side of being too pushy or not asking for the sale at all! That’s because most people in sales have never had any formal or professional training in the art of closing the sale. And we know from coaching over 8,000 sales professionals that the average salesperson has two closes but top producers have five. In this training session we go over 15 completely different types of closes to help you effectively navigate any type of sales process.

  • Mastering The Principles Of Negotiation

    Mastering The Principles Of Negotiation

    Every good sales professional needs to know how to engage in matters of negotiation but very few people are formally trained how to have these vital conversations that can either win or lose your company that new customer. By not having a standard approach to negotiation most sales people discount when they shouldn’t, give in to early costing the company time and money or they unintentionally make promises they can’t keep which ends up costing you valuable business. This training course outlines both the fundamental principles of negotiation that every sales professional needs to know as well as ready to use verbiage that helps your team know to handle the customer who “wants” a discount versus the client who “demands” a discount.

  • Building A Referral Based Business

    Building A Referral Based Business

    Referrals are the best and fastest way to double your production in 90 days or less. But most sales people are terrified to ask for referrals! Because they don’t know how and they’re afraid of making it awkward for their clients. The result is a staggering amount of lost business and the perpetuation of making a person’s sales activities as hard as possible. We have developed a 5 step referral process that works for every selling situation every time. This training will show you not only exactly what to say, but how to respond to objections or concerns you get from clients – and even how to prevent them from coming up in the first place!

  • Growing Sales By Preventing And Handling Objections

    Growing Sales By Preventing And Handling Objections

    No matter how good your persuasion techniques are, there will be sales objections—that’s why overcoming objections is so important. Most salespeople however do not feel equipped to properly handle the main objections that keep coming up on a regular basis. They lose out on sales that could’ve been converted and they miss out on helping customers transform their lives in a positive direction all because they don’t have a plan for identifying and managing objections. In this training we outline a 6-part procedure to follow that will help you manage and overcome any objection in any scenario. Once you learn the psychology of what causes objections and the systematic process for overcoming them, you will see your sales conversions multiply.

  • Automating Follow Up To Gain And Retain Customers

    Automating Follow Up To Gain And Retain Customers

    Follow Up simply separates the sales professional from the sales peddler. Most average salespeople forget to follow up with their past clients and prospects or don’t have a good system of staying organized. As a result, there are warm leads that slip through the cracks and dozens of potential cross-selling opportunities missed every single month. This training will share with you a variety of detailed systems to use to help you keep track of who is in your pipeline and how to stay in touch with them quickly and easily. It could very well be the training that helps you break all of your sales records by learning how to generate more warm business from the people who already know you and trust you.

  • Utilizing Networking As A Lead Generation Strategy

    Utilizing Networking As A Lead Generation Strategy

    Networking can be one of the best ways to grow your relationships and generate inbound referrals. But effective networking is far beyond being a social butterfly and it requires you to have a proven strategy for maximizing networking meetings and avoiding the most common and costly mistakes that salespeople make at them. Networking done the wrong way will result in frustration, wasted time, and possibly even a diminished overall reputation and personal brand. Networking done right however, will supply you with a lifetime stream of qualified inbound warm leads from your trusted referral partners. This training will show you how to make that a reality.

  • Land And Expand: Keys To Account Management

    Land And Expand: Keys To Account Management

    It costs much less time, emotional energy, and money to sell products to an existing customer than to a new customer. Except very few salespeople and organizations have a strong structured and systematic strategy for going back to their past customers to generate repeat business. Your best source of new customers is often to start with your existing customers. And you don’t want to be bringing new customers in the front door while your existing customers are walking right out the back door! That’s why account management is so important and this training will teach you the key strategies to “land and expand.”

  • Using Social Media To Generate Infinite Leads

    Using Social Media To Generate Infinite Leads

    Social media is not going away. In fact, its presence is ever growing in our daily business and communication efforts. The challenge, however, is that most companies are not training their sales team to effectively use social media to increase sales. Social media is a powerful tool that can unlock enormous potential if your team knows how to use it and it’s as equally dangerous for you not to know how to use in today’s marketplace. Partner with Southwestern Consulting in this sales focused session in how to use social media to find new leads, create warmer contacts, get to decision makers faster, gain more knowledge in less time and automate follow up.

  • Overcoming Fear To Maximize Personal Potential

    Overcoming Fear To Maximize Personal Potential

    Learning to overcome fear is the single most important and predictive trait of anyone who will succeed in sales. Yet 99% of salespeople will never fully learn how to conquer their fear. Southwestern Consulting has made an entire legacy and business out of coaching people to do just that. We’ve learned that fear is a physiological response of the brain that can be completely managed and re-shaped in a way that it doesn’t hold you back. After having coached over 9,000 individuals and employing hundreds of thousands of salespeople over the years, we’ve cracked the code on overcoming fear. This training will present to you both the logical and emotional elements and processes that any person can go through to release and move past their fear once and for all. Just think of all that would be possible if your entire sales team was no longer hindered by fear.

  • Building Relationships With Navigate Behavioral Selling

    Building Relationships With Navigate Behavioral Selling

    A salesperson can close substantially more leads by learning to adapt their sales approach to the preferred buyer behavioral style of their prospects. Unfortunately, most salespeople have never been formerly trained on the psychology of identifying alternate personality profiles. As a result, they sell the way they like to sell and therefore miss out on 75-80% of all potential sales. Southwestern Consulting’s proprietary Navigate behavioral methodology will help you better understand the 4 distinctively different behavioral styles and the core psychology of what makes each one decide to buy. Field-tested by thousands of sales professionals, this powerful framework empowers you to connect more quickly with prospects, shorten the sales cycle, and build more trust overall. Teaching your team how to Navigate will be one of the most impactful, memorable, and profitable things you ever do for them.

Step 2 - Choose a Format:

  • Group

    Classroom style training with a number of people from your team (includes exercises, role play and workbooks).

  • One-on-One

    Customized private education delivered directly between one person from your team and one of our consultants.

  • Facilitation

    An interactive group experience with dialogue, discussion, brainstorming, role play, or live work, led by one of our consultants.

  • Train the Trainer

    Your team member goes through our formalized training process to become a certified Southwestern Consulting instructor with permissions to reteach our content.

Step 3 - Choose a Medium:

  • Live

    We come to you or you come to our headquarters in Nashville, TN

  • Virtual

    Real-time training but delivered using digital technology to reach people in remote locations.

  • Recording

    Recorded content delivered to your team to watch at their convenience.

  • Membership

    Join one of our public group forums and participate in live virtual training while also getting private networking access to the other group members.

Step 4 - Choose a Duration:

  • Keynote

    A singular program that can last up to 2 hours.

  • Half Day

    Training on any one topic, with a max of 3 topics, between 3-4 hours.

  • Full Day

    Training on any one topic, with a max of 5 topics, between 6-7 hours.

  • Multi-Day

    Training on a variety of topics over the course of multiple days.

Step 5 - Choose Skill Level:

  • Beginner

    Get introduced to the topic, learn the most common mistakes to avoid in a particular area and start to understand the fundamentals.

  • Intermediate

    Master the fundamentals and get exposed to the practical and actionable behaviors that will raise your skill level in any particular topical area.

  • Advanced

    Understand the psychology of why the strategies work and learn how to adapt the techniques to a multitude of different environments and situations.

  • Expert

    Be able to extrapolate the learned theories into other areas and circumstances of your business and develop a depth of understanding that makes you able to teach others.


Lee Pepper, CMO, Foundations Recovery Network

Working with Southwestern Consulting has turned out to be one of the best decisions I’ve ever made as a leader. They quickly executed a 30-day analysis and came back with what was mind-blowing opportunities for improvement. Since then, our call-to-admission conversion ratio has quadrupled! They are simply amazing.

Forrest Walden, Founder and CEO of IronTribe Fitness

After a 60-day research phase, the Southwestern Consulting team uncovered several key areas for improvement. Collectively, our 32 franchise gyms increased overall sales numbers by just over $100,000 chain-wide after one month of beginning work with you! This is by far and away the biggest increase month over month that we have ever seen!

Kelly Roy, VP of Business Development, Century II

Southwestern Consulting is highly customized, organized and efficient. We have seen results immediately and I can't be more thrilled.

Frank Argenbright, Owner and CEO, SecurAmerica

Southwestern Consulting helped us make immediate changes in our business. The initial investment was recovered within a few months. You guys are the best sales performance consultants in the world, period.

Tracy Christman, VP of Vendor Alliance, Budget Blinds on our 2013 Canadian Summit

By dedicating the time and attention to understanding both our model and the challenges that face our business, your trainings have always been deemed by our franchisees as pertinent, timely, relevant, and actionable. It's no coincidence that Southwestern Consulting sessions are regularly the highest rated.

Tim Leeper, President, Tim Leeper Roofing

I have seen meaningful differences since having Southwestern be a part of our team. If leaders are serious about improving performance and increasing capacity for growth, they should strongly consider working with your team.

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