Creating a high-performing sales team is largely a function of having well-trained sales managers.

Unfortunately however, most companies provide little to no sales management training for their rising leaders.

In many organizations we regularly see that the top sales people are the ones who eventually get promoted into sales management – but that is a problem.

Because many of the characteristics of top producers (independent, self-motivated, fast-paced, disciplined, autonomous, etc) are in some ways directly conflicting with the characteristics it takes to be a great sales manager (team-oriented, patient, graceful, flexible, etc).

And absent any formal training, sales managers tend to coach younger salespeople in the way they would personally want to be coached.

The result is under-performing teams, unrealized potential, and often a decrease in salesperson retention.

Since there are so few well trained sales managers, the problem only compounds over time with no great examples of sales management to follow.

Southwestern Consulting can partner with you to change all that. One of our specialties is helping you to build customized sales management training for your key sales leaders.

We will teach them the time-tested principles that the Southwestern Family of Companies has used to build successful direct sales teams in dozens of different industries.

Our simple and powerful 4 part ECCE diagnostic formula is transferrable to managing any sales team regardless of their industry or business model. And several of our trainings focus around specific skill sets that sales managers need to recruit, hire, train, and motivate your sales force to be their very best.

Create Your Own Customized Sales Management Training Package in 5 Easy Steps:


Step 1 – Choose Your Topic(s):

  • Maximizing Performance through ECCE Leadership Adjustment Training

    Maximizing Performance through ECCE Leadership Adjustment Training

    A great sales team is the responsibility and result of great sales management. However, the most common mistake that sales managers make is that they train all of their team members the exact same way. They put everyone through the exact same processes and don’t realize that the same input doesn’t always equal the same output. After having the perspective of watching and working with over 9,000 different sales teams, Southwestern Consulting created a 4 phase training process (called ECCE) that can be completely custom-tailored to each individual person on your team. This education will forever change the way that you guide and govern your team and even give you a method for creating a “visual scorecard” for every single person so that you always know what is the most critical training opportunity to focus on with each of them. Develop a plan and a process that will give you confidence that you’re always giving your team exactly what they need.

  • Building Effective Communication through 1-on-1 Meetings

    Building Effective Communication through 1-on-1 Meetings

    Communication between your sales manager and your sales team is extremely critical. Healthy communication is key for any successful relationship but we find that most sales managers today don’t make, or find, the time to have regularly scheduled 1-on-1 meetings with members of their team. Unfortunately, most realize the need for this after a recent increase in turnover, a sudden fallout with members of their team, the start of “office gossip” around company changes or a growing decline in calls, meetings, results and general attitude. In this training session we will give you a simple yet effective formula in how to conduct 1-on-1 meetings, a plan on how to schedule regularly occurring meetings with each member of the team, and the tools to equip your manager to build long lasting relationships that increase retention.

  • Turning around underperforming team members

    Turning around underperforming team members

    Knowing how to turn underperformers in top performers is one of the most valuable traits of great sales managers. Done right, and you’ll improve your team retention, save time, and grow the overall production of your team. Done wrong however, and you’ll waste endless amounts of time having to recruit and replace people who are always leaving out the back door. While most managers think that sales people either “have what it takes or they don’t”, Our team has found over the last 160 years that there is a systematic process to turning around salespeople who aren’t meeting their potential. Empower your sales manages with proven practices that have the ability to generate more revenue and income for everyone so that you don’t become one of those sales organizations who is always “churning and burning” new sales talent.

  • Leading Effective Team Meetings

    Leading Effective Team Meetings

    Running a sales meeting is the most influential things a sales manager does with your team. When run properly, sales meeting re-tool and re-energize the team to go out and create immediate results. Sadly though, 90% of sales managers run poor sales meetings that destroy culture, erode trust within the company, de-motivate the sales team and don’t give them the tools to succeed. In fact, we’ve found that more than 50% of sales managers don’t even have an agenda for their regular sales meetings! Southwestern Consulting has running sales meetings down to a science. This training course will share with you the most common mistakes managers make when it comes to running sales meetings and also give you an actionable checklist of precisely what needs to happen for your sales meetings to become powerful and motivating. Don’t be one of the normal sales managers, learn to run exciting meetings and become one of the greats.

  • Recruiting Top Performers

    Recruiting Top Performers

    Building the best teams starts by recruiting the best players. Which is why leading sales managers constantly focus on recruiting and attracting candidates who are currently employed instead of absorbing the unemployed. Having built over a dozen large direct sales companies within our corporate family and having consulted with countless others, Southwestern Consulting understands the most effective strategies for recruiting top talent. We believe that in order to be a great leader you have to first be a great recruiter and we have a systematic process for exactly what should happen in order to execute a scalable recruiting strategy. This training will share some of the best ideas from around the globe on how to recruit and maintain a sales team that produces consistent results.

  • Interview Strategies to help identify the right people

    Interview Strategies to help identify the right people

    Companies are anxious to fill a territory and applicants are anxious to get a new job opportunity – and it’s a perfect recipe for the disaster of hiring the wrong person. Every day, thousands of the wrong people are hired for sales jobs across the country because companies and applicants are on their best behavior when first meeting instead of having a well-oiled vetting process for determining who is likely to be successful in your sales organization and who isn’t. The only real way to mitigate this risk is for the leading manager to ask better questions in the interview and have a more stringent process for finding the right candidates and screening out the wrong ones.
    This training will unveil to you a solid 20-step universal hiring process that will work for any company and is designed to make sure you find real people you need to make your team successful.

  • Onboarding new team members for success

    Onboarding new team members for success

    The first few days of a new representative’s experience will make all the difference in whether they become a long-term top performer for your organization or a quick burnout. Yet the vast majorities of companies have very minimal or even no formal consistent process for onboarding new team members. We regularly see massive gaps from companies in either ignoring the administrative and system setup side of a new hire’s experience all the way to not providing any training beyond the first 2 weeks. Over our 160+ year history, Southwestern has learned that in order to scale revenues, you have to first scale the sales team. And in order to scale a sales team you have to make sure that all the new people coming on are properly trained and equipped to succeed quickly. This training will highlight a vast checklist of dozens of items and processes that every single company needs to make sure are setup and taken care of for new hires – we’ll even show you ideas on how to automate it. Plus, we will share with you the best practices for how to train your new team members and how to filter out what the critical information is that they need to know in order survive and thrive in their first 90 days. This session has the power to completely turn around the moment of an entire sales organization.

  • How To Extend An Offer To Gain Commitment

    How To Extend An Offer To Gain Commitment

    Committed team members become top performers and the most powerful moment of commitment is the moment when someone first accepts the job. Unfortunately however we find that more than 90% of sales managers do not have a quality commitment process that properly reflects the gravitas of what is happening when someone officially comes on board. Having built dozens of organizations of commission-only salespeople, Southwestern has mastered the art of formally extending a position to join the team in exchange for the rock-solid commitment in return of the new team member. This session will highlight for you the most common mistakes sales managers make when they are offering a job and it will show you a step-by-step process and checklist that you can take every new candidate through the moment you decide to hire them. After having gone through this you will have more confidence, more committed team members, a stronger sense of bond and unity, and most important of all – less salesperson turnover.

  • Creating Results Through In Field Training And Shadowing

    Creating Results Through In Field Training And Shadowing

    Having a successful team isn’t just about having the right people; it’s about having the right people who are also trained properly! One of the most powerful ways to train people properly is to get out into the field with them and show them and shadow them. Shockingly, most sales managers spend very little of their time doing this and as a result dis-serve their team members and undermine their own success. Southwestern Consulting can show you how to change all of that. This training module will provide for you a pragmatic game plan for how often you should work with your team in the field and for exactly what you should be doing with them while you’re there. It will also highlight the most common mistakes sales managers make when they’re in the field with their team and what to do to avoid them. Get inspired and educated to get out “in the field” with your team and watch how their production immediately starts to improve.

  • Developing Internal Sales Training Systems

    Developing Internal Sales Training Systems

    Developing a great sales team is not just about developing great people; it’s also about developing world-class systems. In fact, very often it’s the systems that outlast people. Unfortunately many sales managers ignore the critical necessity of setting up good systems with the excuse of “I’m too busy” or “my job is just leading people.” But those mindsets undercut an entire sales organization’s potential to ever reach the next level. Modeled after the best of what we’ve seen from working with over 9,000 teams, this training outlines for you a simple and explicit process that the world’s best sales managers follow to make sure every single person on their team is effectively, trained, managed, and led every single time. No team will ever outgrow the strength of it’s systems, and when it comes to building effective sales training systems, Southwestern can share with you exactly what has been proven to work for over 160 years.

  • Using Contests And Incentives To Motivate Your Team

    Using Contests And Incentives To Motivate Your Team

    A great sales manager understands the power of incentivizing their sales representatives, as well as the value of competition. Your representatives love competition, and they love earning bonuses. Even more important is understanding the difference between an incentive and a contest and knowing when to use each because if it’s done the wrong way, your good intentions can have a very negative long-term effect on your team. After having worked with sales teams in dozens of different countries, we’ve seen countless different sales incentive plans and contests. This session will share with you what works and what doesn’t, what you should implement immediately and what you should stay away from. This is one of the most important and powerful trainings that sales managers and executives will ever go through as it’s essential and foundational to properly motivating your team to perform for the long-term.

  • Keys to Holding Your Sales Team Accountable

    Keys to Holding Your Sales Team Accountable

    Sales people who are properly held accountable inevitably become top producers. But sales people who are not held accountable or who are held accountable in the wrong way are likely to under-perform, burnout, destroy the culture, and eventually quit. Like it or not, it is our job as sales managers to hold our salespeople accountable. This insightful and eye-opening session will radically change the way you look at accountability forever. It will share the data-driven science behind holding people accountable and show you the right and wrong ways to make sure your people are getting things done. After having completed this training, most managers feel empowered to go back to their teams and provide the right mix of encouragement and support combined with challenge and accountability – the result is teams who perform better than they ever have before.

  • Increasing Results Through Effective Territory Management

    Increasing Results Through Effective Territory Management

    A great sales territory management strategy allows your representatives to be more efficient, more confident, have better follow-up and close more sales. But most sales organizations do not have well through out and organized processes around how their team can work their territory tight. The result is lots of wasted time, frustrated people, underserved prospects, and loss of potential profits. Throughout our 160+ year history, the Southwestern family of companies has successfully scaled sales teams with all different types of sales territory strategies including (but not limited to): door to door, business to business, inside, outside, inside/outside, direct sales, reseller channels, outbound, inbound, referral partner, wholesalers, and many more. We’ve found that there are consistent principles that lead to success in each and also common mistakes that lead to failure. No matter what your company’s sales territory strategy looks like, we’ll be able to help you highlight opportunities for more efficiency, increased cost savings, shortening the sales cycle, and maximizing existing customer contact for referrals and upselling.

  • Building Resilience By Emotionally Preparing Your Team

    Building Resilience By Emotionally Preparing Your Team

    The number one way to make sure your salespeople don’t quit on you is to do an effective job at preparing them emotionally for what they’ll experience while doing the job. Sadly however, we see that most sales managers spend about 95% of their time training their people on “technical things” like product knowledge, company processes, sales talks, industry information, or other logical elements. But people don’t quit because of logical reasons; they quit become of emotional reasons. Having spent over 160+ years training many types of salesforces to operate daily in some of the toughest sales environments imaginable (residential door to door) we have created proven practices and systems to make sure your team is properly prepared for what they will face in the field. Utilizing a variety of different techniques and tools, this session teaches sales managers how to get their teams to build resilience, perseverance, and commitment. Actionable and inspiring, this bulk of knowledge can exponentially improve the value and effectiveness of any sales manager.

  • Improving Closing Ratios By Managing Sales Activity

    Improving Closing Ratios By Managing Sales Activity

    The most effective sales managers know that sales is a science. It’s a game of numbers and ratios that can be managed and adjusted to inform a mastermind strategy that is virtually guaranteed to grow and improve over time. But most sales managers either don’t have insight into the proper numbers, or they don’t actually know how to interpret them. In fact about half of the companies we’ve seen (out of the 9,000) we’ve worked with only track results and don’t even track the proper controllable activities. This empowering session can radically alter the culture and performance of your entire team. Learn exactly what items you should be tracking, discover which ratios you can use to manage your entire business, and hone in the skill of letting the data inform your entire training regimen. This program will make better sales managers, better sales people, and will help you increase customer conversions and shorten the sales cycle.

  • Helping New Sales Managers Succeed in the First 90 Days

    Helping New Sales Managers Succeed in the First 90 Days

    The single biggest reason why most sales managers fail is because they get promoted to sales management based on their personal sales performance and then get little to no training on how to effectively become a sales manager. But think about all of the typical personal traits of successful salespeople: independent, self-disciplined, efficient, and competitive. And those are some of the exact opposite of the types of traits you typically see in successful sales managers which are: team-oriented, selfless, patient, and collaborative. This is why, over time, it grows to be a great conflict when the top salesperson gets promoted to being the sales manager. At Southwestern Consulting, we believe in being practitioners of what we preach and that great sales people can also become great sales leaders but they usually have to be taught how. This program teaches the core principles and necessary ideologies that all new sales managers must embrace if they are to maximize the potential and performance of their teams. Pragmatic and practical, this course is basically a boot camp for sales managers.

  • Time Management Strategies for Sales Managers

    Time Management Strategies for Sales Managers

    Today’s sales managers have one of the most difficult jobs in business. They have to recruit, hire, train, motivate (inspire), and, if necessary, fire. Then, you add an additional layer to those who have to produce as well and you will quickly find all these responsibilities and commitments make it extremely complicated and frustrating to feel like any progress is actually happening. We understand what it’s like and what it takes to be an effective sales manager because our team of trainers have been or are currently managing sales teams, just like you, today. In this time management course specifically for sales managers, we give you a detailed plan to help make your job easier by getting you on schedule, finding hours in your schedule you didn’t know existed and by eliminating clutter and distractions from your to-do list. You will leave this course with more time, less stress and a plan to grow your business without feeling overwhelmed.

Step 2 - Choose a Format:

  • Group

    Classroom style training with a number of people from your team (includes exercises, role play and workbooks).

  • One-on-One

    Customized private education delivered directly between one person from your team and one of our consultants.

  • Facilitation

    An interactive group experience with dialogue, discussion, brainstorming, role play, or live work, led by one of our consultants.

  • Train the Trainer

    Your team member goes through our formalized training process to become a certified Southwestern Consulting instructor with permissions to reteach our content.

Step 3 - Choose a Medium:

  • Live

    We come to you or you come to our headquarters in Nashville, TN

  • Virtual

    Real-time training but delivered using digital technology to reach people in remote locations.

  • Recording

    Recorded content delivered to your team to watch at their convenience.

  • Membership

    Join one of our public group forums and participate in live virtual training while also getting private networking access to the other group members.

Step 4 - Choose a Duration:

  • Keynote

    A singular program that can last up to 2 hours.

  • Half Day

    Training on any one topic, with a max of 3 topics, between 3-4 hours.

  • Full Day

    Training on any one topic, with a max of 5 topics, between 6-7 hours.

  • Multi-Day

    Training on a variety of topics over the course of multiple days.

Step 5 - Choose Skill Level:

  • Beginner

    Get introduced to the topic, learn the most common mistakes to avoid in a particular area and start to understand the fundamentals.

  • Intermediate

    Master the fundamentals and get exposed to the practical and actionable behaviors that will raise your skill level in any particular topical area.

  • Advanced

    Understand the psychology of why the strategies work and learn how to adapt the techniques to a multitude of different environments and situations.

  • Expert

    Be able to extrapolate the learned theories into other areas and circumstances of your business and develop a depth of understanding that makes you able to teach others.


Lee Pepper, CMO, Foundations Recovery Network

Working with Southwestern Consulting has turned out to be one of the best decisions I’ve ever made as a leader. They quickly executed a 30-day analysis and came back with what was mind-blowing opportunities for improvement. Since then, our call-to-admission conversion ratio has quadrupled! They are simply amazing.

Forrest Walden, Founder and CEO of IronTribe Fitness

After a 60-day research phase, the Southwestern Consulting team uncovered several key areas for improvement. Collectively, our 32 franchise gyms increased overall sales numbers by just over $100,000 chain-wide after one month of beginning work with you! This is by far and away the biggest increase month over month that we have ever seen!

Kelly Roy, VP of Business Development, Century II

Southwestern Consulting is highly customized, organized and efficient. We have seen results immediately and I can't be more thrilled.

Frank Argenbright, Owner and CEO, SecurAmerica

Southwestern Consulting helped us make immediate changes in our business. The initial investment was recovered within a few months. You guys are the best sales performance consultants in the world, period.

Tracy Christman, VP of Vendor Alliance, Budget Blinds on our 2013 Canadian Summit

By dedicating the time and attention to understanding both our model and the challenges that face our business, your trainings have always been deemed by our franchisees as pertinent, timely, relevant, and actionable. It's no coincidence that Southwestern Consulting sessions are regularly the highest rated.

Tim Leeper, President, Tim Leeper Roofing

I have seen meaningful differences since having Southwestern be a part of our team. If leaders are serious about improving performance and increasing capacity for growth, they should strongly consider working with your team.

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