A well trained team is a high-performing team.

The goal of most organizations we meet is to provide more learning and educational opportunities for their team members.

Yet, in reality most training that is offered is typically highly specialized to each person’s unique job function or skill inside of their own industry. But of course, succeeding in any role typically requires a highly diverse set of skills in a variety of different arenas.

Sometimes called the “soft skills,” more and more, industry-leading organizations are providing multiple avenues of learning for their team on a wide array of different topics.

Because of the breadth of experience from our more than 100 team members, Southwestern Consulting is able to provide expert education on a number of critical soft skills topics that can be immediately implemented into your organization.

We partner with you to create training that will help you boost morale, performance and productivity.

Create Your Own Customized Professional Development Training Package in 5 Easy Steps:

Step 1 – Choose Your Topic(s):

  • Keys and Insights to Successful Customer Service

    Keys and Insights to Successful Customer Service

    Research tells us that “customer experience” will surpass “price” as the leading contributor of how buys make decisions within just a few short years. But what does that mean? And is your team truly prepared for this seismic shift? Many organizations will experience radical declines in revenues, retention, and profitability if they can’t properly prepare every person in their organization to have a more service-minded approach. One of Southwestern Consulting’s catch phrases for over 100 years has been “it’s hard to be nervous when your heart’s on service.” This practical program will share insights and strategies to take your team’s customer service to the next level.

  • Exceeding Expectations: The Art of Client Gifting

    Exceeding Expectations: The Art of Client Gifting

    The best source of new relationships is past relationships. Which is why it’s so critical that every single individual and organization have a focused and dedicated strategy towards recognizing and appreciating their top relationships. We find that fewer than 1% of people or organizations have any such strategy. The result is that their growth, performance, and potential is throttled because they aren’t maximizing one of their most valuable assets. After doing 1-on-1 coaching with over 9,000 individuals and working with 10,000 different teams, we’ve seen exactly what the most successful people do to create a competitive edge through a relationship management strategy. This eye-opening training will share with you research and data behind client gifting, and share with you what works and what doesn’t when you work to build your “red carpet relationships.”

  • Navigate™ Behavioral Based Communication Strategies

    Navigate™ Behavioral Based Communication Strategies

    A team that works harmoniously is a team that creates exponential growth. But there is natural conflict in the workplace because of the 4 distinctively different behavioral styles. Southwestern Consulting’s proprietary Navigate behavioral methodology will help you better understand the core psychology of who people are programmed to be. More importantly, this training will empower you to adapt your communication style in a way to most effectively motivate and connect with each person on your team.

  • Improving Performance and Reducing Conflict through Managerial and Self-Mediation

    Improving Performance and Reducing Conflict through Managerial and Self-Mediation

    Anytime you have people working together you will inevitably have interpersonal conflict. Sooner or later people won’t get along, will have disagreements, or will maybe even decide they simply don’t “like” the people they are being forced to interact with. The impacts of this can be devastating to the culture and performance of any team. Southwestern Consulting’s certified mediation trainers can share with you detailed frameworks and processes for how to resolve interpersonal disputes in a way that everyone feels good, and the success of the group becomes more highly valued and fought for than the opinions of the individuals. In this transformational training you will be exposed to processes you’ve never seen before that can be immediately implemented to improve your organizational health.

  • Next Generation Marketing: Understanding Social Media and Mobile Technology

    Next Generation Marketing: Understanding Social Media and Mobile Technology

    Social media is not a fad; it’s an indisputable and critical necessity in the future of how business will be done. What’s terrifying however, is that more than 50% of companies still have no intentional, managed, and executed strategy when it comes to social media and their digital presence. Southwestern Consulting’s digital marketing experts will share with you exactly what you need to know to put together a proper social media and technology plan that will measurably drive profits. Learn how to avoid the noise, focus on the critical, and monitor and track all the ROI of your social media outreach.

  • Identifying and Adapting to Gender Norms in the Workplace

    Identifying and Adapting to Gender Norms in the Workplace

    There are over 100 structural differences between men’s brains and women’s brains. As such, it’s no surprise about the very different approaches that both men and women have when it comes to getting work done. After hundreds of interviews and years of research, Southwestern Consulting has put together surprising and critical findings. This hilarious and hard-hitting science will tell men what they need to know about women, women what they need to know about men, and both what they need to know to work together successfully. The organizations that are winning in the future are those that have a deliberate and intentional strategy to maximize the harmonious workflow of men and women in the workplace.

  • Relating with the 4 Generations in Today's Workforce

    Relating with the 4 Generations in Today's Workforce

    For the first time in history, there are 4 distinct and different generations in the workforce. Conflict abounds as the result of everything from different expectations to different communication mediums. Managing the dynamics of an older workforce along with motivating a new class of professionals who care about different priorities than their parents is extremely difficult. But the data is clear on what practical changes people can make that will help them connect across the divides. In what should be a mandatory training for every team member, this educational and entertaining program will empower your people to alter their communication style so that every generation on your team is a productive one.

  • The 10 Rules of Relationship Conflict Resolution

    The 10 Rules of Relationship Conflict Resolution

    Great relationships don’t develop from the absence of conflict but from the presence of a healthy plan for how to resolve conflict. And unresolved conflict between our team members (personally or professionally) eventually results in a breakdown of trust which manifests as a breakdown in performance. After personally coaching more than 9,000 people, Southwestern Consulting has developed a simple 10 part framework to govern how people can interact with one another to effectively resolve conflict. In one of the most universally applicable courses that we have, this one training will dramatically improve every relationship you have in your life – both personally and professionally.

  • Presentation Skills: Improving Communication through the Power of Humor

    Presentation Skills: Improving Communication through the Power of Humor

    Nothing boosts a presenter’s confidence more than when they are able to make an audience laugh. But most people are not funny and do not believe they ever can be funny. Many of us buy into the humor rumor which is thinking that you’re either born funny or you’re not. Nothing could be further from the truth! Southwestern Consulting has some of the most skilled and famous presenters in the world. And our team has dissected and reverse-engineered laughter down to a science. This hilarious and uplifting training will teach you the 5 psychological reasons why people laugh, a full proof way for overcoming the fear of trying to be funny, and 10 guaranteed formulas you can use to get laughs immediately in your next presentation.

  • Presentation Skills: Creating Engaging Presentations with ALIVE™

    Presentation Skills: Creating Engaging Presentations with ALIVE™

    Public speaking is the #1 fear for most people. Yet there is an entire suite of proven and pragmatic techniques that any presenter can use to be more effective, better received, and more confident. Powered by the strategies that 2 Southwestern Consulting faculty members used to become World Champion of Public Speaking Finalists, this program literally shares the secrets of the best presenters in the world. With understandable frameworks and relatable strategies, people who experience this education will immediately and permanently be exponentially better when it comes to presenting on stage.

  • Presentation Skills: The 8 Secrets of CHARISMA™

    Presentation Skills: The 8 Secrets of CHARISMA™

    Whether you’re a presenter, a leader, or a salesperson of any kind, people are drawn to people who are charismatic. But Charisma is something that most people incorrectly assume is innate and that it cannot be taught. Southwestern Consulting has a proven 8-part process however that any person can implement to elevate their cache, confidence, and charisma. Based on strategies from some of our speakers who are the best in the world, these techniques are tried and true and will give any presenter more power. If you want to own the stage and own the room, then this is the training you’re looking for.

  • Presentation Skills: Becoming a Master Storyteller

    Presentation Skills: Becoming a Master Storyteller

    Storytelling is one of the most powerful vehicles available to us when it comes to persuading, influencing, or moving others to action. But most professionals do not understand the basic and necessary structure of effective stories. Southwestern Consulting’s team has broken down the process into actionable and pragmatic frameworks that are turn-key. This program helps you understand both the conscious and unconscious elements that make stories so effective and it will empower you to start doing it better immediately. A master storyteller becomes a master influencer and so this knowledge will take not only your presentation skills – but your leadership skills – to a whole new level.

  • Take the Stairs: 7 Steps to Achieving True Success

    Take the Stairs: 7 Steps to Achieving True Success

    The highest performing individuals in the world in every endeavor get there by cultivating the habit of discipline. But discipline is commonly misunderstood, often rejected, and almost never prioritized. Utilizing the principles shared in our New York Times bestselling book, Take the Stairs, this training shows people exactly how to overcome procrastination, fear, and complacency to take action and achieve their goals. This is an inspiring and informative program that has the power to change your life in a very short amount of time. Incorporate these philosophies into your life and watch it transform and position your life and career for ultimate long term success.

  • How to Multiply Time

    How to Multiply Time

    We all need more time. Yet almost every modern professional is still using outdated strategies and tired techniques for trying to get the most out of their days. After 5 years of studying and analyzing ultra-performers Southwestern Consulting discovered that almost everything we know about time management is wrong. This course presents their groundbreaking findings of the 5 permissions and their internationally acclaimed Focus Funnel™. Based on our Co-Founder’s TED talk that has over 1.5 million views, this information will radically alter the way you do business forever and teach you how it’s actually possible to create more time.

  • Finding Your Why and Identifying Your Personal Purpose

    Finding Your Why and Identifying Your Personal Purpose

    The amount of our endurance is directly proportionate to the clarity of our vision. When a person has a crystal clear picture of what they want in their life, and they spend time thinking about it, then it creates a context for action to take place. Inside of this context is where they begin to make short-term sacrifices, increase their buy-in, and go the extra mile of putting in the work. But after coaching over 9,000 people 1-on-1 we’ve discovered that less than 5% of people have any documented personal purpose or clarity about what they want their life to count for. This highly interactive training takes you through a systematic process and a series of exercises to help you uncover what your why is and to help you get clear on your personal purpose.

  • 10 Keys to Proper Planning

    10 Keys to Proper Planning

    Busy busy busy. Most professionals today describe their work flow as “always fighting fires, and constantly battling the latest and loudest emergencies.” Workers have the challenging job of producing results meanwhile keeping up with all of the administrative elements that doing a job requires. It’s no surprise that most team members don’t have a solid plan for balancing it all and so most workers fail to reach their highest potential. Southwestern Consulting coaches some of the world’s highest powered individuals and has distilled the most common practices of these ultra-performers into an actionable and systematic 10 part program to help you get things done. Put these systems in place and gain peace and clarity about how to operate. Move from overwhelmed to under control.

  • The Do's and Don'ts of Email Communication

    The Do's and Don'ts of Email Communication

    Every day countless hours are wasted inside of organizations because of a multitude of avoidable mistakes that people make in how they use their email. Whether it’s being disorganized, verbose, inappropriate, inaccurate, or unnecessary, the wrong use of email can cost companies millions in lost productivity. And for an individual, email etiquette can damage their reputation and even destroy relationships if done the wrong way. Southwestern Consulting has a simple plan for you to follow to make sure none of that ever happens. This program shares empowering and uplifting strategies for how to stay in control of your email and use it to forward conversations and build relationships rather than be a time and energy drain.

  • Emotional Intelligence and Increasing Self-Awareness

    Emotional Intelligence and Increasing Self-Awareness

    100% of businesses involve working with, through, or communicating to people. And an individual’s ability to effectively communicate and interact with others will be a large predictor of their success for anything in life. Unfortunately, there is little to no professional education on the art of dealing with people. Southwestern Consulting’s training on emotional intelligence is a win for everyone. With it’s insightful education and practical tips, this training course will help you better understand both yourself and others.

  • Improve Workplace Efficiency with our Problem-Solving Formula

    Improve Workplace Efficiency with our Problem-Solving Formula

    A great leader isn’t someone who does everything themselves or who creates a bunch of followers. A great leader is someone who replaces themselves by teaching other people to think for themselves and utilize their own talents to maximize the performance of an organization. But the temptation to just “do it for people” or “solve the problem quickly” debilitates most organizations from growing because they become bottle-necked and restricted by the leader themselves. Over the past 10 years, Southwestern Consulting has identified one single habit and action that can be implemented into a culture to dismantle this negative dynamic. This key training will teach you how to help other people become creative thinkers all on their own. Put yourself and your team through this and experience the exponential growth and empowering freedom that comes from building a culture of problem-solvers.

  • Implementing Successful Mentorship Programs

    Implementing Successful Mentorship Programs

    We all intuitively understand that “if you don’t develop future leaders, your business will not survive the future.” But pragmatically most companies have a hard time making the time for and taking action on any serious leadership development or succession planning for the next generation. Southwestern Consulting’s parent company has been around for over 160+ years and has grown into 16 privately held companies all that have withstood the test of time because of one key factor: a focused and dedicated plan on developing the skills and transferring ownership of the business to the next generation. This program is like no other, in that it shares real insights into the work it takes to do successful succession planning – and also about the peril you will face if you don’t.

Step 2 - Choose a Format:

  • Group

    Classroom style training with a number of people from your team (includes exercises, role play and workbooks).

  • One-on-One

    Customized private education delivered directly between one person from your team and one of our consultants.

  • Facilitation

    An interactive group experience with dialogue, discussion, brainstorming, role play, or live work, led by one of our consultants.

  • Train the Trainer

    Your team member goes through our formalized training process to become a certified Southwestern Consulting instructor with permissions to reteach our content.

Step 3 - Choose a Medium:

  • Live

    We come to you or you come to our headquarters in Nashville, TN

  • Virtual

    Real-time training but delivered using digital technology to reach people in remote locations.

  • Recording

    Recorded content delivered to your team to watch at their convenience.

  • Membership

    Join one of our public group forums and participate in live virtual training while also getting private networking access to the other group members.

Step 4 - Choose a Duration:

  • Keynote

    A singular program that can last up to 2 hours.

  • Half Day

    Training on any one topic, with a max of 3 topics, between 3-4 hours.

  • Full Day

    Training on any one topic, with a max of 5 topics, between 6-7 hours.

  • Multi-Day

    Training on a variety of topics over the course of multiple days.

Step 5 - Choose Skill Level:

  • Beginner

    Get introduced to the topic, learn the most common mistakes to avoid in a particular area and start to understand the fundamentals.

  • Intermediate

    Master the fundamentals and get exposed to the practical and actionable behaviors that will raise your skill level in any particular topical area.

  • Advanced

    Understand the psychology of why the strategies work and learn how to adapt the techniques to a multitude of different environments and situations.

  • Expert

    Be able to extrapolate the learned theories into other areas and circumstances of your business and develop a depth of understanding that makes you able to teach others.


Lee Pepper, CMO, Foundations Recovery Network

Working with Southwestern Consulting has turned out to be one of the best decisions I’ve ever made as a leader. They quickly executed a 30-day analysis and came back with what was mind-blowing opportunities for improvement. Since then, our call-to-admission conversion ratio has quadrupled! They are simply amazing.

Forrest Walden, Founder and CEO of IronTribe Fitness

After a 60-day research phase, the Southwestern Consulting team uncovered several key areas for improvement. Collectively, our 32 franchise gyms increased overall sales numbers by just over $100,000 chain-wide after one month of beginning work with you! This is by far and away the biggest increase month over month that we have ever seen!

Kelly Roy, VP of Business Development, Century II

Southwestern Consulting is highly customized, organized and efficient. We have seen results immediately and I can't be more thrilled.

Frank Argenbright, Owner and CEO, SecurAmerica

Southwestern Consulting helped us make immediate changes in our business. The initial investment was recovered within a few months. You guys are the best sales performance consultants in the world, period.

Tracy Christman, VP of Vendor Alliance, Budget Blinds on our 2013 Canadian Summit

By dedicating the time and attention to understanding both our model and the challenges that face our business, your trainings have always been deemed by our franchisees as pertinent, timely, relevant, and actionable. It's no coincidence that Southwestern Consulting sessions are regularly the highest rated.

Tim Leeper, President, Tim Leeper Roofing

I have seen meaningful differences since having Southwestern be a part of our team. If leaders are serious about improving performance and increasing capacity for growth, they should strongly consider working with your team.

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