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Action Catalyst Keynote Speaker Rory Vaden

Rory Vaden teaches people how to do the things they know they should be doing even when they don’t feel like doing them. His keynote presentations are funny, challenging, inspiring, and thought-provoking. Because he runs a multi million-dollar business every day with over 100 team members, his insights are practical, actionable, and based in what works in the real world. As a New York Times bestselling author and one of the top 30 leadership bloggers in the world, Rory’s message is always eloquent, articulate, and compelling. Rory will inspire you and your team to take action on all the things that really matter.

Take the Stairs

Procrastination is the most expensive invisible cost in business today. Every day millions of people cost their employers and themselves billions of dollars in wasted time, distraction, and lost productivity. In this hard-hitting and hilarious signature keynote speech, Rory will inspire you and your team to increase your self-discipline, overcome procrastination and take action on all of the things that really matter. Based on Rory’s New York Times bestselling book, you will learn why self-discipline is not as hard as we all think, once we know how to think about it the right way.

After hearing Rory’s hilarious and compelling speech, your audience will:

  • Disregard their fear and take immediate action
  • Develop an awareness of their creative avoidance
  • Stop making excuses and stop procrastinating
  • Engage in happier, healthier, more productive lifestyles
  • Quit looking for shortcuts and get back to work
  • Adopt an overall results-oriented attitude of discipline
  • Be more disciplined and Take the Stairs more often in the mall, the airport, and in life situations

Note: A modified version of this signature presentation is available as “Leaders Take the Stairs” (which is about how to get other people to do the things they don’t want to do) and also “Take the Stairs to Great Customer Service” (which is about the work it takes to create an extraordinary customer experience).


Danny Ludeman, President and CEO at Wells Fargo Advisors

Your message left a profound impression on our team!

Sue Schick, Chief Growth Officer at UnitedHealthcare

Rory is the world’s most compelling keynote speaker. We left ready to do the work necessary to be successful.

Bob Cabrara, Sr VP of Regions Bank

Rory was nothing short of outstanding!

Lily Eskelsen, President of National Education Association

Rory Vaden brought the house down at our Summit!

How to Multiply Time

What if you could literally make more time? It is actually possible once you understand the significance calculation and the new paradigm of ultra performers. Based on Rory Vaden’s Ted talk with over 1 million views, he will show you exactly how the leading minds in the world have figured out ways to create more time meanwhile everyone else is living in a constant state of urgency, busyness, and stress. If time is something you or your team need more of, you desperately need to hear this message!

This program will challenge everything you know to be true about “time-management” as you will learn:

  • There is no such thing as “time-management” there is only “self-management”
  • Why productivity in the next generation is much more about emotion than logic
  • How to move beyond urgency and importance to significance
  • Why “priorities” are a limiting paradigm relating to your time
  • If you are a “Gunslinger” or a “Worry Wart” and why rich people never pay their taxes early
  • When is the right time for patience and when is the right time for action
  • 5 permissions to go from being a “Firefighter” to a “Seed-Planter”
  • How to finally be stress-free from the never ending pile of work


Tim Schmidt, Thrivent and President of GAMA

We loved Rory! He delivered big time!

Jim Brazell, Sales Director at Purina

Rory was a true hit with our folks. I highly recommend him!

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Legendary Leader

How do you develop leaders in your organization? In this program, New York Times bestselling author Rory Vaden, shares the traits of “Take the Stairs” leaders and what you can do to create a culture of performance and productivity. We all know that leadership is critical, but what are the daily habits and action steps that you can take every day as a leader to get the most out of their people. Leaders are not born; they are made – this will tell you exactly how.

In this insightful and practical session, Rory draws on both his formal education in leadership and his real life experience in building a company to more than 100 team members to share with you:

  • Why leadership = relationships and how to develop them
  • A simple formula for how you can get the most out of your team
  • Strategies for creating a culture of trust and high performance
  • Practical ideas for how to create loyalty with the people you’re leading
  • Time tested truths and principles of leadership

Servant Selling

Sales is not about talking people into things they don’t want. Sales is about bending over backwards to help someone determine what is the best thing for them. And if you’re still selling using the old-school high-pressure sales tactics then soon you will be out of business. Based on proprietary frontline research gathered from our work with over 8000 sales teams in more than 40 countries in the past 10 years, Rory presents a tactical framework and model for how to be successful in sales in the next generation.

After this paradigm altering and inspiring session, your sales team will:

  • Make more sales calls
  • Set more appointments
  • Close more deals
  • Get more referrals
  • Have more positive attitudes
  • Develop a more loyal clientele
  • Go from being in sales to being on a mission

Note: This program is only available to clients who have already had Rory present Take the Stairs.

Booking Rory is a simple 3 step process:

  • Schedule a Date:

    Work with one of our experienced program directors to check Rory’s calendar availability for the date of your upcoming event. We book Rory out years in advance so this important first step should be done as soon as possible!

  • Research and Customization:

    Rory and our team will work directly with you to learn about your organization’s needs and goals. We use a series of calls and forms to help gather information for Rory to use in customizing a talk that is specifically and uniquely tailored to your audience.

  • Rory Rocks The Room:

    Rory delivers a dynamic, inspiring, and hilarious keynote presentation to your audience that will be one of the highlights of your conference. But truly that is just the start of creating a “Take the Stairs” culture with your team that will drive profits for you for years to come!

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