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What Should You Do on Your First Day in Sales – or Recruiting?

This is an important question: What should you do on your very first day in sales?

It’s a question we hear at Southwestern Consulting a lot, because we’re growing very fast. Every single day, we’re bringing on new sales and leadership clients who’ve hired new salespeople. And they’re all asking this question.
Let’s just pretend for a second you’ve started a new sales job. Or maybe you’ve just launched your own business or personal brand. Or maybe you started a nonprofit. The point is, today is your first day, and you need to make sales or raise money.

So what do you do on this first day?

I’m going to tell you how to be successful on day one. (This tip also applies directly to recruiting.) People who do this inevitably become tremendously successful much faster than their counterparts who don’t.

But almost nobody does this. It’s a very obvious thing. Ready for it?

Here’s what to do on your very first day in sales or recruiting: Ask for referrals. This is it. You should ask for referrals.

Here’s the biggest mistake we see: People are like, “Who am I going to call, and what am I going to say?” 

They’re completely thinking about it the wrong way, because first you want to call people you know.

On your first day, don’t pressure yourself to make a sale. That’s a lot of anxiety right there. 
At Southwestern, we’re extremely experienced salespeople. We’ve all knocked on doors. We’ve cold-called over the phone. We’ve sold in lots of different environments because we love sales.

But even for the most experienced, tenured sales professional, it’s scary to say, “I have to make a sale today.”

So I don’t want you to think about that. I want your first goal to be getting referrals. 
But here’s the caveat. Don’t focus on selling to people you know, those people in your first circle, the ones you directly know. That can be awkward, right? 
Focus on selling to your second circle. You’re going to call your first circle and ask for referrals to a second circle. That’s the warmest, most comfortable way to sell.

That’s what we encourage you to do on your first day. Don’t think about making a sale. Think about getting referrals from people in your first circle.
So if today’s your first day, the solution is, “Call and get referrals.” But that introduces another problem, which is that most of us don’t know how to ask for referrals.

There are three reasons why people don’t ask for referrals. Number one is they forget to ask. Number two, they don’t know how to ask. And then number three, they’re afraid to ask.
Guess what? We’ve got a helpful gift for you from our team at Southwestern Consulting.

Click Here to watch a free, 40-minute training course on how to double your referrals – and the exact words you can use to ask. Plus, we’ll talk about overcoming the fear of asking for referrals.

Good luck out there on day one!

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