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The World’s Greatest Misconception about Time

There is no such thing as Time Management.

You cannot manage time.

You can’t stop time.

You can’t fast forward time.

You can’t rewind time.

Time continues on moment by moment whether we like it or not.

So there is no such thing as time management.

There is only Self Management.

We can manage ourselves.

We can govern ourselves.

We can discipline ourselves.

We have the rare and unique ability to use logic and rationale to dictate and choose what we do.

So if you’re time feels out of control it’s because somehow you’ve lost control.

And usually when we’re coaching clients who feel this way it’s because they have no plan for how to spend their time.

They are just completely reactionary and responding to whatever input or distraction happens to come their way.

They aren’t strategic.

They aren’t intentional.

They aren’t disciplined.

And so time is constantly flying by them where they say they want to do certain things but the reality is their time gets sucked up instead by other things.

It’s not because they don’t have enough time.

We all have the same amount of time in any given day.

It’s because they don’t have a plan for their time.

They don’t have a process for prioritizing their time.

And they don’t have a partner holding them accountable to executing their plan and their process.

We can help you with that in coaching.

But no one can help you until you first help yourself.

And you can’t do that until you first realize that it’s not time management that is the problem…

It’s self management.

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