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The Universal Limiter

A week ago, none of the trees were blooming. Nothing outside was green.

All of it was barren and not growing.

But that’s what happens, right?

Every single year, in certain seasons things stop growing and sometimes they die.

But then they start growing again.

Chances are that you’re part of an organization or a company that desires growth.

You’re probably interested in personal development too – so maybe you read books, watch videos or listen to podcasts, attend training or conferences, or work with a coach.

Likely, you ask yourself: How do I grow? How do I get better? How does our company and our team get better?

When you look at nature, and then at different businesses, churches, sports teams, anything that’s growing, there’s one thing they all have in common.

On the flip side, when organizations aren’t growing, there’s something they all have in common as well.

And it make sense that we want to find the solution, but there are a lot of things to review.

There are a lot of indicators of success for an organization.

You have to be a good steward of your money and your resources.

You have to offer great training.

You need to have good customer service.

You need to know how to lead.

You need to have a good product, and good sales and marketing teams.

You need to have good technology to make everything else possible.

However, even if an organization is just about at 100% in all of its systems and technology, what we’ve seen consistently is that organizations will only grow as fast as they can develop leaders.

Organizations will only be able to grow as fast as they can develop leaders.

The leadership ability, capability and potential of an organization is almost like determining the size of that organization’s bucket.

But if you’re not growing your leaders, you’re not growing the bucket.

And if the bucket isn’t growing, then no matter how good you get at bringing in new business and new ideas and new initiatives and new projects, what happens is that business overflows that?

Your people can’t keep up with the capacity of the business, and unfortunately that happens more than you might think.

Sometimes your firm’s systems are growing faster than the people’s leadership capabilities.

That’s a huge problem because an organization can only grow as fast as it can develop leaders.

Even if you have great projects, great systems, great tools, great manufacturing and great processes, all of those processes ultimately have to be managed, monitored and improved by people.

And that’s why people are still needed because every business is a people business at some level.

A question for you is: How good is your organization at developing leaders?

Another question is: How much time do you spend developing your own leadership potential?

That’s a worthwhile question because an organization can only grow as fast as it can develop leaders.

What can you do to develop your own personal capacity to be a leader so that you’re growing your own bucket and you’re helping grow the buckets of the people around you and hopefully one big company bucket?

What makes up that capacity for your team?

Remember, an organization can only grow as fast as it can develop leaders.

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