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The Servant Selling Concepts

Around Southwestern Consulting, we’ve developed a term over the last several years that we often use called Servant Selling. Recently, one of our groups took the time to codify many of the things that we believe in and mean when we use the term Servant Selling.

We call it our Servant Selling Concepts. Take a read…

Servant Selling is not a self-help philosophy; it’s a help-others philosophy. We believe that joy, satisfaction, and significance come not from accumulating and acquiring for ourselves but by serving and supporting others to achieve their goals in life.

We believe that it’s hard to be nervous when your heart is on service and that we only feel fear when we are thinking about ourselves. Therefore we do not allow ourselves to be stopped by fear because we focus instead only on who is out there that we have an opportunity to help.

We believe in exceeding expectations and over delivering because the best source of new customers should be existing customers. We believe that if we do our job right, our customers will become part of our sales force. We don’t just want customers; we want raving fans that turn into lifetime friends who eventually become like members of our family.

We believe that we only win when our customers win. Our sole job is to provide measurable results and tangible impacts that improve the lives of the people we serve. Therefore our profession is simply helping our customers to solve their problems and achieve their goals.

We believe in providing a remarkable customer experience. It begins with a Premiere Welcome, it ends with a Finishing Touch and it demands precise professional execution all throughout. We go out of our way to make people feel special, important and cared for.

Our insights are well researched and supported by accurate data and provable science. We then package our findings as deliverables that are highly engaging and elegantly designed.

Although we strive to provide world-class content, we know that it is not really our information that people are paying for. They are paying for customization, collaboration, community, and accountability. They are paying for someone to believe in them, teach them, challenge them, support them and celebrate with them. They invest in the hope of a life-altering experience and it is our privilege and responsibility to deliver it to them.

Trust is the currency by which we operate. Integrity is our most prized possession. For us, relationships matter as much as revenue. Trust matters as much as the transaction and people matter as much as profit.

We sell people what they need and work to prove our value before asking for more commitment. We trust our process and philosophies and focus on “land and expand.”

We believe that the best way to serve our clients is to operate with extraordinary competence ourselves. Therefore, we have an insatiable desire to learn, a prioritized dedication to our own personal development and a steadfast commitment to continuous strategic innovation and implementation.

We believe in financial freedom and in living a debt free life. We foster a community of radical generosity and we believe our money is serving its highest purpose when it is being invested into to those in need.

We believe that workplace culture is more important than business strategy and we create unparalleled career opportunities for our team members. We believe in being held accountable and being paid for our results. We know that success is never owned; it is only rented and the rent is due every day.

We believe in an abundance mindset where we create win-win solutions for everyone around us. We practice collaborative selling and take pride in introducing our other business partners, sister companies and additional services.

Most of all, we are radically committed to relentless service. Each and every day we look for opportunities to serve everyone around us at work, at home, and in our communities. It is our privilege to do anything that brings happiness or success to those around us. We starve for opportunities to make other people’s lives better. We blindly trust that if we focus on taking care of the needs of others that our own needs will be met also. We know that service is the highest form of self-discipline and that it is worth pursuing because a life dedicated to serving others is a life well lived.

Relatedly, we recently launched a new service offering called the Servant Selling Monthly Mastermind. It includes a chance to be trained by myself and some of our other Speakers and to be put into a small group of other like-minded achievers to help you grow your business. If you’re interested in learning more, we’d love to talk to you. You can check it out here.

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  1. Debra Small says:

    I truly believe in what I do ! I have faith and believe in what your team provides ! love what we do and we will all live our very best lives !

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