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Larry Winget on The Rory Vaden Show Episode 21: “Grow A Pair: How to Stop Being a Victim and Take Back Your Life”

Larry WingetLarry Winget is the Pitbull of Personal Development™ and the world’s only Irritational Speaker™. Larry doesn’t sugar-coat, and he isn’t afraid to make people uncomfortable, because he wants us to stop making excuses, and start getting results. He is a 6-Time New York Times bestseller, Hall of Fame Speaker, has spoken to nearly 400 of the Fortune 500, and is featured regularly on TV shows such as The Today Show, Dr. Phil, and Fox News. His new book is called Grow A Pair: How To Stop Being A Victim and Take Back Your Life, Your Business and Your Sanity.


Show Highlights:

–      Why if you believe in God you should say it loudly and proudly…

–      People aren’t fighting for free speech; they’re fighting  to advance their agenda and silence yours.

–      Nonbelievers are outworking us and outmarketing us.

–      Hear @LarryWinget talk about the difference between being rude and being responsible.

–      How to stop being a victim. Listen to @LarryWinget on #roryradio

–      The truth is the truth regardless of whether or not people like it. – @LarryWinget

–      Your life is your own damn fault. – @LarryWinget

–      We have turned the message of empowerment into one of entitlement. – @LarryWinget

–      If your kids talk back to you #GrowAPair – @LarryWinget

–      If you watch other people throw trash on the street #GrowAPair – @LarryWinget

–      Our job is to stand up for what is right even when its not comfortable. – @LarryWinget

–      Stop trying to please everyone. #GrowAPair – @LarryWinget

–      If you are wallowing in your whining #GrowAPair – @LarryWinget

–      You are mistaken if you think other people care about your problems. – @LarryWinget

–      Discover your uniqueness and exploit it in the service of others. – @LarryWinget

The Rory Vaden Show is a weekly radio show that Rory hosts every Monday which is currently syndicated in 9 different states. The show shares “insights and inspiration for movers and shakers in the world of business”™.  Each week Rory shares his thoughts on a news topic relevant to business, takes guest callers and then interviews an expert guest.

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