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Something to Remember on Hard Days

Do you ever have hard days?

Most likely you do since you’re human.

Today I’m near the ocean and there’s just something soul-calming about that.

That’s why I’d like to talk about how you respond to problems and challenges.

I’m pulling from the perspective principle of faith that I outline in my book, Take the Stairs.

That means if you have a challenge or something bad has happened to you today, it’s a big deal.

For example, if you had a flat tire today, at the end of the day you’d probably tell someone who asked how your day was what happened to your car.

A flat tire during your day is a pretty big deal.

That’s a pretty big event.

Yet if you think ahead to the end of your life, and if someone were to ask you to talk about your life, you wouldn’t talk about the flat tire.

You probably wouldn’t even remember the flat tire.


Over the course of your lifespan, a flat tire is no big deal.

What the perspective principle of faith teaches us that that any problem in relation to today is a big problem, but any problem in relation to our lifespan is a small problem.

It’s a matter of perspective.

The ocean reminds me that I’m small and life is a great, big thing.

That means what bothers me in the grand scheme of things are for the most part usually small.

If you take that idea of perspective one step further, you could say, “Is your perspective one day long, or is it one lifespan long?”

Or what happens if you have an eternal perspective?

If you think really, really long term – if you think forever – then what you realize is that while a challenge in relation to today is a big problem, a challenge in relation to our lifetime is a small problem, and a challenge in relation to eternity is no problem.

There’s very few things that really make an eternal difference in eternal impact.

The sun is setting here in Santa Barbara, California.

One of the things I love about California is that you have the ocean on one side and the mountains on the other.

It’s such a unique thing about the landscape.

It’s a big reminder that there are big, eternal things that will long outlast me.

I’m just this small thing in the middle.

When you have a tough day, try to remember that it’ll pass.

The size of your problems is directly related to the term of your perspective.



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