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Productivity and How to Say No with John Lee Dumas – Episode 178 of The Action Catalyst Podcast


John Lee Dumas is the Founder and Host of EOFire, an award winning Podcast where he chats with today’s most successful Entrepreneurs 7-days a week. With over 1400 interviews to date and multi-millions a year in net revenue, JLD has shown how delivering free, valuable, and consistent content can create a successful business and impact the world!

Show Highlights:

  • Productivity is producing the RIGHT things on a daily basis. @johnleedumas
  • What is productive to you may not be productive to someone else. @johnleedumas
  • Self-evaluation is necessary to know what productivity looks like for you. @johnleedumas
  • Discipline is setting up plan and executing step by step. @johnleedumas
  • To be disciplined, you have to be a disciple of your day. @johnleedumas
  • I want to spend the best parts of my day producing the content that matters. @johnleedumas
  • We are human all going to shift and slide so we need an anchor like the mastery journal. @johnleedumas
  • Pencils of promise’s mission is to give the gift of education to those less fortunate. @johnleedumas
  • When you feel overwhelmed by something you have to break it down to the first, most actionable thing. @rory_vaden
  • Rory shares 5 Indicators you should say no to something.
  • If something drains you – say no or replace it with something that is life-giving. @rory_vaden
  • If you’re not good at something – say no to it. @rory_vaden
  • There is always someone out there that loves to do the thing that you don’t. @rory_vaden
  • Say no to anything that does not align with your goals. @rory_vaden
  • You multiple time by giving yourself the emotional permission to spend time on things today that create more time tomorrow. @rory_vaden
  • You’re always battling what feels good in the short term to create good in the long term. @rory_vaden
  • Any time you say yes to something you are simultaneously saying no to an infinite number of other things. @rory_vaden
  • Perfection is achieved not only when nothing can be added but when nothing more can be taken away. – sculptors principle

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