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Our Struggle is Our Strength

Struggles, struggles, struggles – that’s what life is all about, right? We all experience pain, setbacks and hard times. We all have goals we want to achieve, but haven’t yet. We have big dreams we hope will become real, but aren’t sure if they will.

Sometimes, you have to ask, “Why do we struggle?” Right? We all ask these questions: Why does pain even exist? Why do things have to be so hard for me? How come I do everything right, how come I do my best, how come I do what I’m supposed to do, how come I do what I’ve been taught to do, and yet, things still don’t work out for me? Then, you wonder how you’re supposed to move forward when you feel weight like that.

Most likely, right now in your life, you’re struggling with something. It might be a setback, physical or mental pain, or a tragedy that’s really taking a toll on you, so it’s natural for all of us to ask, “Why. Why me? Why now? Why did this have to happen?” It’s a really natural question, and I honestly don’t have an answer on why this struggle is happening to you.

One of the things we see consistently with our coaching clients and with some of the ultra-performers we study is there’s a pattern in how they handle setbacks. They experience an amazing byproduct of their struggle because they don’t give up: It’s a positive outcome. They push through. When we work to overcome our setbacks, that struggle makes us stronger and more resilient. It’s the struggle that ultimately creates the strength.

Yes, struggles make us stronger. We don’t understand setbacks and pain when they happen. Yet, as time passes, the struggle produces something in us – we change. We become stronger. More powerful. Capable. We become survivors.

It may help you to know that whatever you’re going through, perhaps that struggle is just the beginning of you becoming stronger. Perhaps that struggle is a part of your greater story that’s still unfolding. Perhaps that struggle is another flagstone in your life path that makes your story great and what you’re doing here on earth really count. Perhaps your struggle is forming you into the person you need to be one day for someone else.

I can’t promise you won’t have struggles. We all have them. That’s the nature of the human condition. What I do know for sure is struggles produce strength. It’s an unequivocal, irrevocable truth about the way the world works. So whatever your struggle is, I hope you also see it’s working within you to build resilience and strength.

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    Lots of questions but I need answers.

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