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Obsessive Service

The problem with our thinking is that when we aren’t thinking about our thinking our thinking starts to think on it’s own.

Which is why one key to a happy life is to always be intentional and mindful about directing your thoughts.

So it begs the question, “what should you think about?”

There are lots of healthy and inspiring things to think about: God, family, dreams, goals, affirmations, and things you’re thankful for are some of our favorites that we coach people on when it comes to positive self talk.

But another one you don’t hear often enough about is service.

Many of the world’s most influential people have been obsessive about service.

They get consumed with the thought of helping other people.

Sam Walton, Steve Jobs, and Mother Theresa are a few who come to mind who have been described as being relentless in their focus on how to improve their offerings and the lives of the people they served.

One thing that is great about focusing on service is that when you’re thinking about others you’re not thinking about yourself.

Because when you think about yourself you run the risk of negative self talk setting in because you can start to wonder things like “Am I good enough? Is this even possible? Why would I even try to do this?”

But when you’re focused on helping others, you allow your mind to wander only towards finding creative solutions that will help them.

So allow yourself to do that.

Allow your mind to drift in the direction of

“How can I help?

Who can I serve?

What can I do to support?

And “How could I make things better for those around me?”

Be relentless about helping.

And don’t be afraid to obsess about service.

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