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Michael Hyatt: Living Forward with a Life Plan– Episode 138 of the Daily Discipline Podcast

Michael HyattMichael Hyatt is the co-author of Living Forward: A Proven Plan to Stop Drifting and Get the Life You Want along with his good friend Daniel Harkavy. It is a Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and Publishers Weekly best seller. In the book, they discuss the importance of creating a life plan and how to do it. Michael is also the the founder of 5 Days to Your Best Year Ever,™ Platform University®, and Get Published. He has been blogging since 2004 and really has a firm understanding of book launches and building online products.

His work has been featured in publications like Fast Company, Entrepreneur, Forbes and many more. Michael is the former Chairman and CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishers. He now writes, speaks, and coaches full-time.

Show Highlights

  • The way to avoid a stalled career, a stale marriage, and an unhappy life is to be intentional by building a life plan. @MichaelHyatt
  • Most people drift through life not realizing how much they’ve lost direction. @MichaelHyatt
  • No one ever drifted to a destination they would’ve chosen. @MichaelHyatt
  • Life is a lot more than work. I want to win at work, but succeed at life. @MichaelHyatt
  • You may have a plan for your career, but what about a plan for your life? @MichaelHyatt
  • All the domains of your lives – work, relationships, health, etc. – are all connected. They affect each other. @MichaelHyatt
  • Sleep is directly related to your productivity and ability to focus. @MichaelHyatt
  • All of us will leave a legacy. The only question is will it be good, or will it be bad? @MichaelHyatt
  • If we don’t know what our own priorities are, it’s going to be very difficult to order our life in a way that gets us what we want. @MichaelHyatt
  • It’s God first and me second. If I can’t take care of myself, how can I take care of anyone else? @MichaelHyatt
  • When you know your priorities, it gives you clarity and courage. @MichaelHyatt
  • Always make your future bigger than your past. @MichaelHyatt
  • Happiness comes not in obtaining anything, but in the pursuit of things that are important to you. @MichaelHyatt

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