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Matt Mayberry, The Blessing of Failure, on the Daily Discipline Podcast with Rory Vaden Episode 56

Matt MayberryMatt Mayberry is a former NFL linebacker with the Chicago Bears who has become a highly-acclaimed motivational speaker and maximum performance strategist. Additionally, he played football at Indiana University where he was team captain from 2009-2010, earned All Big-Ten Honors, and is the current Indiana University record holder for most sacks in a single game. With a 4.45 forty yard dash, Mayberry was signed by the NFL Chicago Bears in 2010. Reaching the pinnacle of his sport, he suffered a life-changing ankle injury. It was this life-changing event that inspired Mayberry to embrace his true passion – his true “gift” and “blessing in disguise” of helping others achieve success by learning how to turn failures into gifts. He has more than 100,000 followers on social media and has been featured on numerous media outlets including NBC, ABC, ESPN, Entrepreneur and FastCompany.

Interview Highlights:

· Former @ChicagoBears linebacker @MattMayberry shares the failures that led him to the @NFL

· @MattMayberry tells his story of overcoming addiction to eventually play for @IUBloomington and @ChicagoBears

· What a former @NFL player has to teach you about failure. (w/@MattMayberry)

· @MattMayberry shares the secret of how he turned his life around by focusing on others

· How to have a Peak Performance Mindset with former @ChicagoBears linebacker @MattMayberry

Other Highlights:

· What the Navy Seals have to teach you about business

· An emotional story from Seal Team Six

· How to find peace in the midst of failures, setbacks, and tragedies

· Faith is choosing to trust that what happens now is for a greater glory later on

· Our ability to have peace is directly proportionate to the term of our perspective

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