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Managing and Marketing to Millennials with Jason Dorsey – Episode 204 of The Action Catalyst Podcast

Jason Dorsey wrote his first bestselling book at age 18. He’s the most sought-after Millennials and Gen Z researcher and speaker, receiving over 1,000 speaking requests each year. His gift is solving tough generational challenges for companies and leaders through his unique research, results-based consulting, and acclaimed presentations. He delivers practical solutions grounded in research that drive measurable results for clients.

Jason has been featured as a Millennials and generations expert on 60 Minutes, 20/20, The Today Show, The Early Show and over 100 more TV interviews. Adweek calls Jason a “research guru” and The New York Times featured him in its cover story on marketing to Millennials. His repeat clients include industry leaders such as Mercedes-Benz, Four Seasons Hotels, SAS, Wells Fargo, VISA, and many more. Jason has headlined speaking events from India and Egypt to Ireland, Chile, Canada, Norway, and all 50 US states.

Jason is the Co-Founder and Millennials and Gen Z Researcher at The Center for Generational Kinetics. The Center is the premier Millennials and Gen Z research, speaking, and consulting firm with over 150 clients each year. The center invented Generational Context™, a unique approach to solving generational challenges with measurable results.

Jason wrote his first bestselling book at age 18. His latest bestselling book is Y-Size Your Business: How Gen Y Employees Can Save You Money and Grow Your Business

Show Highlights:

Millennials are the largest generation in the workforce. @jasondorsey

Millennials will outspend every other generation this year. @jasondorsey

Looking at Millennials gives you the best sneak peek into the future. @jasondorsey

You have to be able to recruit Millennials who are the right fit. @jasondorsey

When it comes to Millennials as buyers, you must recognize they communicate differently. @jasondorsey

Millennials are the #1 generation to refer their friends to a person or business. @jasondorsey

Gen Z is going to be the driver for massive change across the workforce and the marketplace. @jasondorsey

When you give millennials accountability, they need to see and feel that they are making progress. @rory_vaden

You can expect millennials to meet you halfway in the office, but not in the marketplace. @rory_vaden

Be mission driven more than money driven. @rory_vaden

When communicating with Millennials, adapt your communication style. @rory_vaden

Be prepared for massive changes to come from Gen Z. @rory_vaden

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