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Life Story with Ray Queener: How to Shape Culture as a Leader – Episode 129 of the Daily Discipline Podcast

Accountability Life Story

This week’s podcast is highlighting a life story from one of our Southwestern Consulting™ coaching clients. Dr. Ray Queener is the Superintendent of Cambridge Isanti School District  (5,000 students) in Cambridge, MN. He is dedicated to creating a better culture in his school district and becoming a stronger leader. Putting action behind that goal, he partnered with one of our accountability coaches to guide him through his goals.

Dr. Queener’s accountability and leadership coach is Kristen Hartnagel. Kristen specializes in leadership, vision, team engagement and motivation. Her passion is changing lives and creating strong sales cultures. She is an expert at training, coaching and personal development. Tune in to this week’s unique show to get a glimpse of a real life story about accountability and the benefits of partnering with a coach to accomplish your goals in life.

Show Highlights:

  • How are you able to make significant changes to affect the way your team learns? @Queener1
  • Be creative and innovative in everything you do. @Queener1
  • The biggest complaint I hear is, “I just don’t have time.” @Queener1
  • Look at what is happening in your life. Step back and ask yourself if there is anything you could do better – even by one degree. @KristenHartnage
  • Gather your team and find out what they believe in. Bring those beliefs to life. @Queener1
  • Find out how you will treat and respect each other as a team and vice versa. This strengthens your team. @Queener1
  • Once you clearly define your culture, you take one step closer to living it out every day. @Queener1
  • Humans are not logical, they’re emotional. And they have to be led with emotion. @Rory_Vaden
  • If you want to accomplish a goal, get emotional about it. @Rory_Vaden
  • You have to go from concept to action if you want to accomplish big goals. @KristenHartnage
  • Start with a principle and convert it into an action, then use accountability to make it happen. @Rory_Vaden
  • Invest in yourself by finding an accountability partner to help you reach your goals in a big way. @Queener1


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