Las Vegas Mass Shooting: Fear, Faith and Commitment with Officer Bryon Bunitsky-Episode 241 of The Action Catalyst Podcast

Officer Bryon Bunitsky was among the first officers at the shooter’s hotel room during the October 1, 2017, mass shooting in Las Vegas, Nevada. He was recognized for his bravery by President Donald Trump. After being in the law enforcement for 20 years, Bryon has a passion to impact kids. He feels that if we can reach the kids early, not only can we avoid the criminal justice system but we can create a positive influence on the next generation in our society.  He shares his message by speaking in schools. He currently resides in Las Vegas with his wife of 21 years and 4 children. He went to college for music and was a professional musician before choosing law enforcement. He continues to play his guitar in his free time.

Show Highlights:

God puts everybody on this earth for a reason and you need to figure out what it is and do it ultimately. – Officer Bryon Bunitsky

No matter how scared you are, no matter what you’re facing, you have to just push through. – Officer Bryon Bunitsky

Our youth can make good choices and push through the scary things in life. They can really make a difference in this world. – Officer Bryon Bunitsky

It might not always be comfortable and pleasant, but God always puts heaven on the other side of fear. – Officer Bryon Bunitsky

What is leadership? Leadership is love. What is love? Love is laying your life down for the sake of another. @rory_vaden

Fear is your creativity working in the wrong direction. @rory_vaden

Part of how you change your life is by intentionally creating the question “How?” so that you don’t accidentally relent to the question “Should?”. @rory_vaden

Courage is not the absence of fear. Courage is taking action in spite of fear. @rory_vaden

Faith is trust. And if you have that trust, you can move forward in the face of fear. @rory_vaden

Commitment is you. You make a decision and then you take action. @rory_vaden

Heroes make the commitment in advance and when difficult times come, they take action. They do their job; they follow through on their commitment. @rory_vaden

In spite of how I’m feeling in the moment, it doesn’t matter because I’ve already made the decision. @rory_vaden

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