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The Key to Great Leadership

Last weekend, my wife Amanda and I and were very fortunate to attend a conference led by Ken Blanchard.

Condoleezza Rice, the former U.S. Secretary of State, was just one of the compelling speakers.

We were there to learn about leadership.

A really powerful idea hit me while I was listening to the different speakers.

While this idea might not be totally earth-shattering, it’s extremely profound.

The speaker asked this question: What makes great leadership?

And he answered that question in just one word.

That word could be lots of different things, right?

It could be a great company culture, or top-notch recruiting and service. Or creating great systems, or making an impact on others.

And, yes, all of these elements tie together to make great leadership.

You know, I’m sure others have given the same answer this speaker did last weekend, maybe even some of my mentors.

But for some reason, this time the answer really stuck with me.

Here’s the answer.

The key to great leadership is the leader.

The key to great leadership is the leader.

At first you might say, “Well, duh.”

But if you take a deeper look, it means that if you want to create great leadership, you have to become a better person.

It’s personal development.

It’s growth.

It’s education.

It’s knowledge.

It’s experience.

It’s mentorship.

It’s whatever we need to go through to become better people.

That process makes us better leaders, better communicators, better salespeople, better marketers, better recruiters, better organizers, better motivators, better coaches, better teachers and better encouragers.

The more that we become better people, the better leaders we become.

The key to great leadership is simply the leader.

Here’s the question it leaves us with: What are you doing today, or on a weekly or monthly basis to develop yourself as a leader?

What are you doing to enhance your personal development?

What are you doing to improve? To grow?

What are you doing that’s causing you to stretch and to be able to better serve?

The key to great leadership is the leader.

Ultimately things rise and fall with the leader, so that’s a bit sobering for me, but also very clarifying to realize that one of my most important jobs as the leader is to develop my own skill sets.

And if I do that, hopefully that impacts my ability to lead other people and help them become better versions of themselves.

Remember, the key to great leadership is the leader.

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