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John O’Leary: On Fire With Gratefulness – Episode 135 of the Daily Discipline Podcast

John OLearyJohn O’Leary – Expected to die, John O’Leary now teaches others how to truly live. John’s journey overcoming his fire had mostly been kept private. Then, in 2007, his parents’ showcased the story in their book, Overwhelming Odds, which they wrote as a thank you to the family and friends who supported them. This book resulted in organizations around the world requesting to hear first-hand how John defied the odds.

 To meet the growing requests and recognizing his calling to be an agent of inspirational living and overcoming adversity, John began professionally speaking in 2008. Since then, John has shared his message with more than 500,000 people in ten countries at 1,200 events for clients including LEGO, Southwest Airlines, Enterprise Rent-A-Car and more. His newest book is On Fire: The 7 Choices to Ignite a Radically Inspired Life.

Show Highlights

  • Everybody has a story. It’s just not usually the story we are telling the world. @JOLearyinspires
  • There are two motivations in life that we lead and live from: fear or love. @JOLearyinspires
  • You have to meet people where they are. That’s where you connect the most with people. @JOLearyinspires
  • Our scars are useless when we cover them up. But they are illuminating and empowering when we share them with the world. @JOLearyinspires
  • Choose gratefulness through the struggle.
  • 3 questions victims always ask themselves: 1) Why me? 2) Who cares? 3) What more can I do? @JOLearyinspires
  • Our mindset profoundly shapes how we view what happened yesterday, how we show up today, and the life we create for ourselves tomorrow. @JOLearyinspires
  • Attitude is simply the way you choose to see things.
  • Those that have the least are grateful for the most. @JOLearyinspires
  • From I did it. To we did it. To He did it. @JOLearyinspires
  • You never know who you are impacting with your story. Be authentic with it. @JOLearyinspires
  • We don’t always get to choose how or when we get burned in life. We do have a choice in how we respond to it. @Rory_Vaden
  • Rory shares 5 ways to have a grateful and happy heart.
  • The battle for your mind starts the first second your alarm clock goes off. Will you choose positivity or negativity?


To learn more about John, click here. And to ignite your life with inspiration and authenticity, purchase John’s book here.

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