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An Important Choice that Makes Great Leaders

There’s a huge emergence of entrepreneurship in this country right now – you can see it on social media and TV shows like Shark Tank and The Profit.

There are lots of ways to run your business and work from home, and I’m a fan of the idea of being an entrepreneur.

At Southwestern Consulting, we’re not 100% entrepreneurs, but we’re intrapreneurs – we work within a larger framework, but we have the flexibility and freedom to set our own schedules, make decisions and build our own teams. We’re paid for our results. This is how a lot of direct- sales companies work.

There are some downsides to the whole idea of individual expression. You now, we live in a selfie society and lots of us have our own media channels.

I wanted to share with you an African proverb that illustrates an important leadership principle: If you want to go fast, go alone.

But if you want to go far, go with the team.

If you want to go fast, go alone.

I love the celebration of entrepreneurship. I love the celebration of individual performance, and being your own boss and controlling your own destiny.

However, the reality is that anybody who accomplishes anything great needs a team.

A few months ago Donald Miller launched his big book, Building a Story Brand. One thing he said that I loved is: The greatest travesty of al books is there’s only one name, the author’s, on the cover.

It’s so true: I speak from personal experience that producing a great book that gets traction is because of a team.

Any great company is because of a team.

The CEO or founder isn’t solely responsible for whatever greatness that organization achieves.

If you want to go fast, go alone. But if you want to go far, go with the team.

And we don’t talk enough about teams.

When we don’t talk about teams as leaders, we errantly and inadvertently believe this idea: “It’s all up to me, it’s only up to me, and it’s all about me. And who cares about my team? How big is my face? How many people know me? How many people are following me?”

But great leaders know that’s just not the truth about what creates success and meaningful, significant, lasting change in any business or any type of movement.

If you want to create a meaningful difference in the world, or a meaningful product or company, it has to be bigger than you. You’re going to need a team. It’s the team that makes it great.

No one person can do anything that’s really all that great on their own.

Every great person has had a team.

I want to invite you and encourage you to think about who’s on your team – and how you’re building them up and encouraging them.

Sometimes getting the rest of the team onboard can be frustrating and slow you down. But that’s an important decision leaders made. They know it’s about the team, so they’re willing to adjust to build them up.

I’ve had first-hand exposure to the power of a team – what great things it can do and just how much better it is to do things as a team.

One of the things we do at Southwestern Consulting is leadership coaching. We help you enforce principles like this one and practices that will help you recruit, train, hire and motivate your team.

We’d love to offer you a free call with one of our certified coaches so you can learn about the power of having a coach in your life.

So who’s on your team? Go build your team. Pour into them and strengthen them.

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