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How to Get Yourself to the Gym Even When You Don’t Want To Go

Most high achievers realize that there’s a connection between their professional performance and physical performance. 

We know that when we feel healthier and more fit because we exercise, we tend to perform better. 

We feel more balanced spiritually. 

That means we have better relationships at work, and with our family and friends. 

There’s just this interesting connectivity between our physicality and how we feel, and how we’re performing in every aspect of our lives. 

Yet, exercising is something most of us struggle with, right? 

I’m in a hotel room right now, since I’ll be giving a keynote tomorrow for a company. 

And because I’m a speaker, I travel a lot – and speak about 40 or 50 times every year. 

So how do I, or anyone else, work out consistently? 

How do we stay healthy?  

How do we stay physically fit?  

What do we do to stay on track, especially if we travel? 

Many of us are movers and shakers who are making a difference in the world and inspiring people. 

That’s why it’s ironic that sometimes we struggle with moving ourselves to action when it comes to working out. 

Making that change isn’t so much a technical shift.  

It’s not a matter of knowledge information.  

It’s more of a mental shift. 

But it’s just one underlying thing you need to change in how you think – and that changes how you act. 

Let’s say you made a dentist appointment. Would you skip out on it? 

Most of us wouldn’t. 

Or a hair appointment? Or an appointment to meet a client or prospect for lunch?  

Would you ever just not show up? 

Probably not. 

That’s how you have to think about your time at the gym, whether you’re at home or traveling. 

It’s an appointment with yourself. 

You wouldn’t be a no show for the dentist or a client, so why aren’t you showing up to your appointments with yourself? 

It’s probably because you need to shift the way you’re thinking about it. 

When you set an appointment with your dentist of a client, you’ve made the decision in advance to go, so when the time comes, you don’t need to make the decision again. 

The appointment’s on your calendar, so your only question to yourself is, “How do I need to prepare? What time do I leave to get there?” 

Yet, when it comes to going to the gym, most of us don’t schedule that time into our calendars. 

You should schedule your gym time just like any other appointment.  

Once it’s in your calendar, you’ve made the decision to go. 

Your schedule is your lifeline.  

If you don’t know what your perfect week looks like, you’ll never have one, so it’s crucial to schedule in all your activities.  

Get in the habit of making the decision to go in advance by putting those gym times into your calendar. 

Then, when the time comes to go to the gym, you’ve already made the commitment.  

There’s no real decision about whether you’ll show up. 

When it’s time to go to the gym, you won’t think about whether you want to go or how you feel.  

You’ve already made that decision.  

Your only decision in the moment is: What do I need to bring? What time should I leave? 

This is as much a change in your psychology as it is in your behavior or actions. 

A change in our actions is usually preceded by a change in our mindsets, and that’s the shift you want to make. 

Set your gym appointments with yourself in your calendar – that means you’re making the decision in advance, committing to them and not giving yourself an opportunity to back out. 

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