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How To Deal With Doubt

When I visit beautiful places, it inspires me to see God’s beauty.

There’s also an element of doubt that shows up.

Does that make sense to you?

We spend a lot of our lives seeing amazing things – nature, houses, cars, businesses and accomplishments.

Part of that is so inspiring, but it can also make you doubt yourself.

You might say, “Wow, this seems like a dream that’s impossible for me. It seems unrealistic.”

It’s not wrong to experience doubt.

However, we know for sure that there’s a difference in how multipliers and ultra-performers think.

They deal with doubt differently.

There’s a key way that they sidestep doubt.

How do you sidestep doubt?

How do you look at something amazing that you want and say, “That would be a dream to live there, or that would be a dream to accomplish that, or that would be a dream business.”

How do you live with that inspiration, but also the doubt that comes with it?

Doubt says your dream is too big and not possible.

Or it says that dream isn’t for you because you’re not smart enough or you’re not well-connected enough.

However, wherever your personal limiting beliefs start, there’s a smart strategy you can use to sidestep doubt.

And it’s reasonable for anybody to do in any one moment.

Intentionally create the question “how” so you don’t accidentally relent to the question “should.”

We have that moment of inspiration when we see something we want, and then we think, “Wait, is that really possible for me?”

You might even think it’s impossible for you.

Those kind of thoughts naturally pop up in our minds.

Why does that happen?

It’s because your brain’s working to do something very simple.

Your brain’s working to keep you safe.

When you accept the idea that a dream isn’t possible, then you don’t have to do the work.

You don’t have to pursue that goal.

You’re off the hook.

You don’t have to pursue that dream – and the payoff is that you get to feel safe.

You get to stay doing what’s comfortable.

You get to do what you’re doing now.

However, the way that multipliers and ultra-performers sidestep doubt is that they don’t evaluate whether or not it’s possible.

They don’t evaluate whether or not they feel like doing it.

They don’t say, “Hey, could this happen?”

All they simply do is say, “How could this happen? What would it take?”

It may not be something we’ve done before, or something we’re comfortable with, but that isn’t a necessary prerequisite of being successful.

You don’t have to know the answer up front to figure out the answer.

You find the answer by walking down the path.

And the way you walk down the path and you sidestep doubt is by simply asking, what would it take?

How could this be possible?

If it were going to happen, what might be the first step?

And as you take the first step, the next step reveals itself.

Trust the process.

2 Responses

  1. KD Oakley says:

    Just wanted to say, Thank you. There is that one thing that I have wanted for so long that I sort of gave up and let my dream off the hook while I busied myself. Time to walk the path.

  2. Riya Sharma says:

    This is so much inspiring for me Bcz I am also doubtful about my goals and aspirations but when I really asked the question how
    How it’s possible for me to reach my goals this simple task really helped me finding my way
    Thanx sir keep inspiring

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