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Heart of Service as a Strategic Competitive Advantage – Episode 228 of The Action Catalyst Podcast

Over the course of time we at Southwestern Consulting have come to believe a heart of service is a strategic competitive advantage. In this episode Rory shares the 5 business advantages that come from having a heart of service.

Show Highlights:

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go with a team. – African proverb

Southwestern consulting is a team of extraordinary people. @rory_vaden

Service is the highest form of self-discipline. @rory_vaden

A natural default of human nature is survival. @rory_vaden

Make a choice to get out of yourself and make decisions based on how they impact others. @rory_vaden

A heart of service helps you overcome fear. @rory_vaden

It is hard to be nervous when your heart is on service. @rory_vaden

Courage is not the opposite of fear, vision is. @rory_vaden

A heart of service creates joy. @rory_vaden

Most of the messages we see about happiness are wrong. @rory_vaden

If you spend your life pursuing happiness, you might find it lacks significance. @rory_vaden

Pursuing service leads to significance and joy. @rory_vaden

A heart of service squelches pride. @rory_vaden

Pride inhibits the ability to make profitable decisions. @rory_vaden

Pride is the external manifestation of internal insecurity. @rory_vaden

A heart of service creates sustained motivation. @rory_vaden

The long-term strategy for motivating your team should not be carrots and sticks, but purpose and inspiration. @rory_vaden

A heart of service inspires greatness. @rory_vaden

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