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Gender Roles and Rules in Leadership with Amanda Johns Vaden- Episode 239 of The Action Catalyst Podcast

Amanda Johns Vaden is a Founding Partner at Southwestern Consulting ™, which is an international, multi-million dollar sales consulting organization, which focuses on creating systems to increase performance. Amanda and Southwestern Consulting work with companies such as Wells Fargo, Keller Williams, DIRECTV and AFLAC just to name a few.

Amanda is a million dollar producer, Senior Consultant, Executive Coach and Keynote Speaker with Southwestern Consulting™. She speaks throughout the country to thousands of sales professionals every year in coordination with her upcoming books Selling to the Sexes: Everything You Need to Know About Selling to the Opposite Sex and 4-Dimensional Follow Up: How to Increase Client Retention and Develop Customer Loyalty.

She is a featured speaker for the Better Business Bureau, Business Journal and Chambers of Commerce all across the country. She is also the Founder of Southwestern Speakers, which is a full service speakers bureau that works with companies to help them find and source keynote speakers for their annual meetings and events. And lastly, she is Division Manager of the Success Starts Now! Conference series in which she responsible for recruiting, hiring, training and managing their full time sales force. As part of her ‘practitioner’s’ belief she remains active as a sales manager, personal producer and content developer.

She appears regularly in local media, is an active member of Entrepreneur’s Organization, and is the co-host of the Younger Wiser Leader podcast. Subscribe here and log into your favorite medium to listen to the show.

Show Highlights:

There are actually over 100 structural differences between the male brain and the female brain. @amandajohnsSWC

When it comes to women in the workplace, we have to ask for what we want. @amandajohnsSWC

How do I better equip my emerging leaders or even my veteran leaders to be a better leader with a diverse and a very changing workforce? @amandajohnsSWC

Leadership is leadership, male and female. @amandajohnsSWC

Relationships matter at every level in the organization, all the way up to the top and all the way down to the bottom. @amandajohnsSWC

If you want to grow vertically up in your organization, then you need to seek vertically up the ladder to build relationships where it matters. @amandajohnsSWC

Realize that there is honor in what I do that no one else knows about. @amandajohnsSWC

The most important thing to me is that I’m confident in what I do and that no one else has to see or know what I do, in order for me to feel good. @amandajohnsSWC

Be genuinely happy and excited for those around you. @amandajohnsSWC

Just because someone else is being highlighted, it doesn’t mean that you’re being diminished. @amandajohnsSWC

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