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The First Step to Achieving Work-Life Balance

Is time management your biggest challenge?

We recently surveyed all the people who subscribe to the different types of content we put out as part of our Southwestern Consulting platform.

One of the questions we asked was, “What topics are you most interested in?” Eighty percent, or eight out of 10 people following us, said time management and productivity were among their biggest concerns.

Our clients often tell us, “I’m struggling with work-life balance,” or “I wish I could achieve more balance between work and home.”

I reflected about some of the practices I’ve adopted – I’ve learned a lot from being around successful people and ultra-performers.

Everyone wants to know the secrets to achieving work-life balance, but they often overlook the first step: maximizing every single second you have.

People want to know how to multiply their time – let’s start with what to do today, right now.

You create more time by cutting menial, trivial things.

When I travel, I work nonstop. I have calls all the way to the airport. On the airplane, I work relentlessly, writing blogs or looking at spreadsheets. When we land, I’ve got calls on the way to the hotel. At the hotel, I work nonstop, too.

People could say, “Rory, you might be a workaholic.”

However, I’d reply, “Look, the reason I work so hard when I’m not with my family is so I can maximize my time when I’m with my family.”

When most people have free time, they choose to recharge, right? They watch sports on TV or get a massage, for example.

Doing leisure activities is fine, but realize you’re making a choice how to spend your time.

The reality is you can be successful at work. You can also have a great family life.

To do that, though, you might have to give up watching TV or playing video games sometimes when you’re alone. If you choose to keep all your trivial activities, you can’t say, “I don’t have work-life balance.”

What you’re actually doing is choosing to sacrifice time with your family to watch TV.

When I’m on the airplane, most people are sleeping or zoning out on their headphones. They could use that time for work or personal development activities.

What I am saying is: Your life is your choice. Your success is your choice. You’re in charge of how you use your time.

If you want to be successful at work and life, you have to decide to maximize every single second you have.

I’m not saying this is the right or the best way. What I’m sharing with you are practices our team at Southwestern Consulting has learned from people who have extraordinarily successful work and financial lives, along with extraordinary family lives.

So, how do you get yourself to make this first choice – the choice that your work-life balance really is your choice?

I think about three different groups when I have free time.

The first group is our clients at Southwestern Consulting.

We exist to help people achieve their life goals in life. When I spend time doing something trivial, it’s a moment I steal from our clients. I could be doing things to make their experience better, like developing new content or recruiting another coach.

The second group is my family.

And the third group is actually my future self.

Every moment I’m not doing something that contributes to my personal or business goals, it’s a wasted moment. It’s like a check I’m cashing now, paid for by a future version of me who’ll never have a chance to manifest.

This is the perspective ultra-performers have. Whenever you say yes to one thing, you’re simultaneously saying no to an infinite number of others.

So why do I work like crazy when I’m on the road, late at night, every single second I can?

Because I know every moment I’m not working, I’m stealing from our clients, my family and my future self.

That’s the first step to understanding and executing what it takes to achieve true work-life balance.

P.S. Request a free call with one of our coaches at Southwestern Consulting. We do one-on-one coaching for business owners and salespeople on leadership, sales and digital marketing. We also teach people how to maximize time in their personal and business lives, so reach out if that’s something you want to achieve.

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