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The First Question You Always Must Answer in Sales and Marketing

There’s a really important question that you need to ask first in your marketing or sales.

If you don’t, you miss out on converting prospects into new customers.

You’re missing out on a chance to impact people and change their lives.

Many marketers and salespeople don’t ask this question though, because they don’t even know they should be asking it.

Asking this question can help dramatically increase your revenues and increase the number of people you impact.

It’s such a simple question that one of my mentors shared with me early on, but it took a long time to settle in.

I’m going to give you this one question, and I encourage you to write it down.

Don’t ever do another sales call or put out another piece of marketing copy without knowing the answer to this question.

You don’t ever want to launch another product or make another pitch without having absolute crystal-clear clarity about this one question.

The question is: What problem do you solve?

What problem does your service or your product solve?

You must know the answer with precise clarity. You must be able to describe it in very, very few words.

Too often, we focus on selling the benefits. We sell solutions by selling the features.

But none of that really matters.

You need to tell people directly what problem you solve for them.

Every great business starts out of this question. Once you identify a problem and figure out a way to solve it, that’s a business.

Every sale happens this way, with you solving a problem.

And whatever marketing you do – billboards, emails, phonebook or social media – be very clear about what problem you solve.

Always communicate what problem you solve, first thing.

People don’t really care that much about you.

People don’t really care about your company.

They don’t really care that much about your client list.

They don’t really care about your expertise (although they will later).

What people really care about – and what they think about – is their problems.

They don’t even care so much about your products, or even your price.

They don’t care about those things until you first make them care about a problem you can solve.

At Southwestern Consulting, I’m one of several speakers who each have their own brand positioning.

I always knew self-discipline was my message to the world and I was passionate about that.

But where my speaking career shifted and started to take off was when we figured out that procrastination is the real problem that I solved.

If you’re a marketer or you’re in sales, or you’re a small business owner or about to launch a business, before you do anything else, just write down the answer to this question: What problem do I solve?

That’s where you want to start. That will increase your sales and increase your conversions.

However, even if you have clarity about what problem you solve, it’s so easy to drift away from it.

It’s so easy for your marketing to get busy and clouded, and full of a bunch of stuff. It’s so easy for your sales talk to include everything except the problem you solve.

That’s one of the reasons why accountability is a good thing. We believe in this at Southwestern Consulting, and can provide you with that one-on-one.

If you want to learn how you could be communicating what problem you solve more concisely, or even determine what problem you solve, request a free call with one of our coaches.

Remember, never enter into another sales call or write another piece of marketing collateral or pitch another business idea without first being clear about what problem you’re solving.

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