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Your Family Fuels Your Success

“My family will never be the reason why I can’t succeed. Rather, they’re the reason I must succeed.”

Wow, what a powerful idea and a powerful thought, courtesy of Tracy Christman, one of our Southwestern Consulting clients, and one of the multipliers profiled in Procrastinate on Purpose.

I’m back home, after traveling, and was thinking about what Tracy shared. We’ve got our little man now, Jasper James Vaden. He’s just about seven months old, and he’s so cute. What a new blessing in my life – and I love the new challenge of being a parent.

And, as it relates to work, of course the balancing act is challenging as well. How do you balance being with your kids and working – and still get results? 
I really appreciate Tracy’s take on the topic.

It’s terrible if someone says, “Oh, I’m not going to be successful anymore because I have kids now.” What’s powerful in what Tracy said is your family should never be an excuse for why you can’t do something.

Your family should be the reason why you do do it.

Success is different for everyone. But our families should always be the fuel for why we succeed whether we’re working parents or stay-at-home parents. Our families should be part of what motivates and drives us.

Our kids look up to us. We want to do something great for them. We want to set a great example. We want to be somebody they can be proud of and imitate.

It’s because of them we can do wonderful things. We can do great, great things. 
Most people think, “I can either be happy or I can be successful,” or “I can either have a great family or I can be great at work.”

However, we see consistently that the most successful, wealthy people in the world aren’t choosing one or the other.

They’re finding a way to do both. And you can too.

Our families should be part of what motivates and drives us.

Yes, maybe it means learning to multiply your time. Maybe you need to be more efficient, work harder or smarter, or be more focused, but you certainly can achieve the things that matter to you, that God has put in your heart.

An empowering, thought to me inspired by Tracy was this idea: “Hey, there’s no way I’m going to let my kids ever be an excuse for why I can’t do something. They’re going be the reason, the fuel and the passion – they’re going to be part of what drives me to be even better than I was before.”

And it won’t be at the sake of spending time with my family. It’ll be part of enriching a relationship with them and setting a great example.

Be great at family, be great at parenting, be great at your relationships, and be great at work.

It doesn’t have to be one or the other. You can find a way to do both.

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