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Erin Casey Master Storytelling Episode 90 on The Rory Vaden Show

Erin CaseyErin has a bachelor’s in journalism from Sam Houston State University with a focus in advertising and photography. The combined study of words and imagery has proven beneficial to her career as a writer, editor and book coach. She has written hundreds of articles and interviewed local folks, celebrities and successful entrepreneurs. She has written articles on topics ranging from faith and religion, to entrepreneurship, as well as celebrity and business profiles. Her work has been featured in national newsstand publication including SUCCESS Magazine, Empowering Women, Live Happy, and Success from Home among others.

Today Rory and Erin Casey talk about the power of telling a story. In this show, they will discuss the critical elements that make up a great story and the most common mistakes people make.

Interview Highlights

• Through history, story tellers were respected because they were able to share information while entertaining people. –@ErinKCasey

• While we forget the majority of information we are exposed to everyday, we tend to remember stories. –@ErinKCasey

• Context is what enables readers to see how your information relates to their lives. –@ErinKCasey

• People don’t tell stories because it’s easier to just stick with facts and figures. –@ErinKCasey

• People don’t buy based on facts. Buying is largely an emotion decision. –@ErinKCasey

• I don’t know a better way to get over fear than to just do it. –@ErinKCasey

• People want authenticity and connection. Stories create that connection. –@ErinKCasey

• If you’re writing, you need to have a hook–something that draws people in. –@ErinKCasey

• To be effective, you have to be relevant. –@ErinKCasey

• Tell an “I” focused story with a “you” focused message. –@Rory_Vaden

• If you’re going to go through the effort of writing a book, get an editor or a book coach to challenge it. –@ErinKCasey

• 3 Takeaways to become a better story teller:

1. Pay attention. Don’t forget to look up at the world. Everyday we see something that could make a good illustration or good story. People relate to every day stories.

2. Write down what you see and experience. Revisit these notes on occasion to find inspiration.

3. Take some time to listen to your readers. Connecting is a two-way street.

Buy your copy of Erin’s new book Get Personal: The Importance of Sharing Your Faith Story at to learning how to tell your story better. You can also find resources from Erin at

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