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Endurance and Visions

I’m staying in Fort Lauderdale, FL, at this gorgeous, modern hotel.

Many years ago, I attended one of Randy Gage’s conferences at this same hotel. I remember thinking, “Maybe one day I’ll be able to stay in a place like this.”

Coming full circle to now, I realize I had achieved one of my long-ago dreams, to stay at a hotel of this caliber.

Here’s my question to you: Is our endurance directly proportional to the clarity of our vision?

I’d argue it is.

First, your clarity of vision informs the way you handle life – things like dealing with rejection and failure, as well as overcoming challenges.

And, here’s something else – a lot of us don’t spend enough time dreaming, which funnels right into our clarity of vision.

Why don’t we dream?

Maybe we don’t have the discipline to do it. Or maybe someone told us daydreaming’s a waste of time, or our dreams won’t come true because we’re not smart enough.

Many people also tell themselves, “I don’t deserve to win that award,” or “I don’t deserve to go to those places” or “I don’t deserve to have those things.”

But one thing successful people do every day is think or dream a bit about their personal and professional goals.

Am I saying daydreaming matters more than action?

No, at the end of the day to achieve your goals, you need to act. You have to hustle and work hard. That’s a given.

But you need to believe in yourself.

Be willing to fight for the desires God puts on your heart. It’s worth doing that work.

Again, this hotel I’m staying at – some people could care less about staying at a place like this, and others will say, “I really want to stay there. That’s a dream of mine.”

So let me be clear – it’s not necessarily about going after money or nice cars or big houses, but a side reward like that is great when you’ve achieved a goal you’re passionate about and that impacts others.

If there’s something motivating you, spend time thinking or dreaming about it.

Your vision calls you to do good work. It’ll inspire you to create things that serve other people.

And you’ll accomplish something you’ve been uniquely called to do.

Think about your vision, and clarify it. Believe you’re good enough and then do the work to prove it.

Show up every day and work your butt off.

Yes, the amount of our endurance is directly proportional to the clarity of our vision.

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