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Building a Storybrand with Donald Miller – Episode 215 of The Action Catalyst Podcast

Donald Miller is a student of story. He’s the author of New York Times Best Sellers: Blue Like JazzA Million Miles in a Thousand Years, and his most recent book Building a Story Brand. He co-wrote the major motion picture “Blue Like Jazz” which debuted at the SXSW Film Festival and was listed as one of the top four movies to get you through freshman year by USA Today. Currently, he helps people live a better story and helps leaders grow their businesses at Donald lives in Nashville, Tennessee, with his wife, Betsy, and their chocolate lab, Lucy.

Show Highlights:

If you confuse you lose. @donaldmiller ‏

If your branding is confusing you’re invisible. @donaldmiller ‏

Customers give you zero time to learn about your brand. @donaldmiller ‏

Your customer is the hero, not you. @donaldmiller ‏

A story starts when a character has a problem. @donaldmiller ‏

Communicate in a customer centric message. @donaldmiller ‏

If there are not stakes in the story, there is no story. @donaldmiller ‏

Answer the question: “What problem do you solve?” @rory_vaden

Sell the problem as much as you sell the solution. @rory_vaden

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