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Be A Light In The World

There are two types of people (and two classic energy forces fueling us) in this world.

There’s darkness – that’s despair, hopelessness, desperation, and of course, our challenges, frustrations and obstacles.

Then, there’s light.

It’s good, not evil. It’s love, not hatred. It’s power, not weakness.

Whether you’re selling, leading, recruiting or building a family – regardless of who you are and what you do in life – I’m convinced what the world needs and wants is more light.

We love light.

We love being around people who light us up. We love people who make us feel good.

And we don’t love being around people who make us feel bad.

You don’t want to buy from them. You don’t want to follow them. You don’t want to be their friend.

However, if someone makes you feel good, there’s a chance you’d buy from them, or follow their lead.

What we’re really drawn to is light. What we love is light.

We also want to be light in the world.

We want to do meaningful things and make an impact.

That’s the challenge I’m giving you. Ask yourself this about your personality or attitude: “Am I bringing darkness and discouragement into the world?

“Or am I bringing light? Am I lifting people up, am I doing good work, and am I making people feel better?”

When it comes to your job performance, do you bring the heat? Are you doing your best? Do you make people feel better?

In your personal life, are you disciplined? Are you taking action? Do you make good choices today to invest in tomorrow?

What about leadership? Do you lift up the people in your care? Protect them? Do you provide light to them?

What about your friends? Ask, “Do my friends look forward to spending time with me? Do they feel better when I’m around? Do I empower them?”

Ask the same about your family. Are you always nagging? Or do you bring your family up and together?

We can all do a better job bringing light into the world.

Be one of those people – one of the rare ones, one of the unusual ones, one of the extraordinary ones – who adds light to the world.

I want to invite you and encourage you to be light.

PS. If you want to really focus on seeing what a transformative effect being a positive force in your personal and professional life can be, request a free call with one of our coaches.

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