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3 Practical Ways to Respond to ‘Rainy Days’

I love rainy days when I’m inside listening to the drops cascading off the roof and windows. I don’t love rainy days as much when I’m outside getting soaked because I forgot my umbrella.

But what about figurative rainy days in our jobs, marriages, parenthood, finances, or health?

Everyone experiences rainy days, but our team at Southwestern Consulting has noticed that most ultra-successful leaders and top producers respond in three specific, practical ways to these down times.

But first, I want to share one of my personal struggles with you.

Professionally, I’m an entrepreneur, a leader, a speaker, and a messenger.

But, for the Rory Vaden outside work (and my closest friends and business partners would tell you this as well), I struggle with taking things personally and staying positive in difficult situations.

I’ve incorporated these three strategies for dealing with rainy days into my self-coaching to be better—and they work.

1. Remind yourself rainy days are temporary. At some point, the dreary day, week, or month will break.

That truth of nature is also a truth about your life and your business. As an entrepreneur, I’ve played a role in helping startups, and I see first-hand how tough young businesses have it.

At Southwestern, we do one-on-one coaching with salespeople, so we know if you’re in sales, you’ll have rainy days.

If you’re a leader, you’re going to have rainy days. People will quit on you. People will break down or completely throw off your schedule.

If you’re an entrepreneur, there will be times when cash flow is tight.

There will be rainy days, no matter what your station in life, but the first thing to remember is that they’re temporary.

Eventually, there will be a break in the storm. That’s huge.

2. Your struggles make you stronger.

Remind yourself that this dark, challenging rain is strengthening you. Through that pain, you’re becoming stronger, just like how a muscle breaks down after a hard lifting session.

3. When it’s raining, this is your chance to shine.

When you’re part of a struggling team, or when things are really down in your workplace or family, there’s no greater opportunity for you to bring light and energy to this dark day.

When it’s rainy and the odds are stacked against most people, they allow their self-esteem, confidence and passion to dwindle with the figurative bad weather.

When it rains, though, that’s the time to do the work and put in the effort.

That’s the time to be disciplined, to take the stairs, to do the things you don’t want to do.

Rainy days are when you can really shine.

You’ll separate yourself from everybody else.

You’ll put your life and your business success path on a different trajectory. Most people’s attitude and passion ebbs and flows with the good and bad days, but yours won’t.

Successful people – you know, the multipliers, the auto performers, the one percenters, the top producers – remind themselves that when things are toughest, they work the hardest.

That’s where they separate from everybody else and take pride in that.

Remember these three things when it’s a rainy day:

· It’s not permanent.

· The struggle is making you stronger.

· Rainy days are your biggest chances to shine.

And if you think you could benefit from having a coach in your life, request a free coaching call with one of our team members.

Remember, you never own success. You only rent it, and the rent is due every day.

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